Days 18 – 24 #100happydays

Yes, pharmacy it’s another mammoth post which captures the last weeks worth of happy days all at once! It’s been a fairly hectic week all round here, sovaldi sale with few opportunities for mindful moments, but I’ve found this far in to the #100happydays challenge that each day throws up a whole range of happy moments, that it’s becoming tricky to settle on the top moment of the day.

I guess this was the purpose of the challenge. It’s no secret that you attract what you wish for or spending time thinking of and planning for; so it follows that when looking out for happy moments in the little things, more and more of them crop up. I guess it’s a little like when you buy a new car, in a colour and style you’ve never seen widely before, only to drive past three just like it on the way home from the garage! When you’re trying to get pregnant, or in those early stages and all you see everywhere you go is pregnant lady bumps.

So my #100happydays this week are just like this.

Day 19: Spending a Saturday with my bestest friend. She loves in London, I don’t. Time spent together is few and far between. A day of lunching, ceramic painting, bath bomb making and soft playing with the little princess and this lovely lady’s’ little niece was a pretty happy way to spend a Saturday.


Day 20: Who doesn’t love white chocolate cookies? Believe me they taste even better when brought by a friend and still within your daily weight watchers pro points allowance.


Day 21: The little monster decided to eat his entire dinner using chopsticks in light of learning about Chinese New Year at preschool. His determination made me smile, and he managed better than he sometimes does with a fork!


Day 22: Standing under a hot shower completely undisturbed by little ones needing to use the loo. For a whole 17 minutes. Mums will know.


Day 23: New bedtime stories that we’ve never read before. The little princess got a few of these books a couple of years ago, Santa not quite realising she was still a little young for them, but now we’ve reached the perfect age. Lauren Child is quite fabulous in my view.


Day 24: A final addition to our new family room, this wall sticker foxed me earlier in the week, but I eventually sussed it out. The happy factor actually comes from this being the song I sing to both the monster and the princess when tucking them up at night. One of the best parts of the day 😉


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