I do…wait, do I?

Apparently my eldest is now betrothed. The lucky five year old goes by the name of Ryan and they’ve shared register monitor and milk monitor duties in class over recent weeks. He walked her to the medical room the other day when she felt sick and waited outside until he knew she was okay. It’s all rather sweet. I am however concerned that over the last few years she has also had her heart set on marrying other boys, generic viagra her first love, Fraser, then rivalled by Callum who declared his love for her at her fifth birthday party in an emotional public display of affection, as he stood up in the middle of the magic show and told all the others that he was he boyfriend. She frequently says she’ll marry her brother and of course, number one choice, her Daddy.

We’ve already got a stack of content for the Father of the Bride speech and expect to add to that repository extensively in coming years.  Not least with snippets from the conversation we had about marriage this week when she announced over spaghetti hoops and toast that she was going to marry Ryan.

Me – Why Ryan?

Little Princess Pink – He’s a bit taller than me.

Me – Is that a good reason to get married to someone?

Little Princess Pink – Yeah, and he shares his crisps with me at playtime.

Me – Do you think that’s why you should marry him?

Little Princess Pink – Nooooooooo (said with ‘duh, mummy’ attitude) You marry people so that you can be with them all the time.

Me – Of course, that’s why I married Daddy. And weddings are lovely.

Little Princess Pink – Yeah, you get to stay up late.

Me – And wear a wedding dress

Little Princess Pink – I know. It’s so you feel like a princess.  But it’s probably a little bit itchy. AND you get a big wedding cake which looks like big towers, there’s one big one, then a middle sized and a small, then a wedding girl and a wedding man on top.

Me – But the best bit is marrying your one true love isn’t it.

Little Princess Pink – Hmm. (Pause) Can you marry two boys ever?

Me – Well, that defeats the purpose.

Little Princess Pink – I think I might not marry Ryan.  Jake has cooler hair.

Something tells me with this one, we’ll need to buy wedding insurance just in case!

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