A Monster Clear Out

We’ve been clearing out cupboards with gusto round ours lately. I’m not sure if Super Daddy was more concerned that I might be a) nesting or b) leaving him, there but black bin bags seemed to be multiplying on the upstairs landing every time I emerged from an upstairs room.

Warnings were given to the little people that under no circumstances were they to open the bags, generic see a car / stuffed dog / train / tea set (delete as appropriate) that had been wedged at the back of their toy cupboard for the last three years and decree with much wailing and screaming that this was their FAVOURITE toy and by no means should it be allowed to leave the confines of their bedrooms in search of a new life with another child.

That of course didn’t happen.

Somewhere between the hours of scraping fish finger remnants into the bin and scrubbing dirty fingernails in the bath it would appear that one little person peeked. It was only a teeny peek, so I’m told, into the top of a bag but the discovery that (boo hiss) nasty mummy was sending a ton of dress up dolls, long ago robbed of their dresses, off in search of an appropriate cover up from the musty racks of the charity store was made.

The reason for this mass clear out? It seems only two toys are flavour of the month in our house at the moment. A set of plastic jungle animals randomly mixed with dinosaurs, but when set out on the farm play mat make an excellent safari park. (Confused? Yes, me too.) And a rather colourful, if not unusual looking Monster High doll, which the seven year old princess loves.

The blue doll has scales all over her body, yellow and blue hair, fins on her arms and legs and a pet piranha that she carries around in a bag fashioned to look like a fish bowl, goes by the name of Lagoona Blue and is one of the many Monster High dolls that my daughter and her classmates have been raving about since school term started. Playing Monster High ‘top trumps’ with the princess, I discovered that my own favourite doll is Ghoulia Yelps. According to her stats, she’s a huge bookworm and the cleverest and most sophisticated girl at Monster High. Oh, and she’s a zombie. We have a lot in common after a busy working week. My own little monster tells me you can get these Monster High dolls here as well as other toys from Argos (having already indicated most of his Santa wish list can be found in the Argos catalogue just as his Daddy did many moons ago.)

So I seized the opportunity whilst the Monster High girls went on a class trip to the safari park to have a proper clear out and make way for new goodies that no doubt the upcoming festive season will bring (I didn’t say the C word…) Though it looks like we’ll be adding to the collection sooner than that as pocket money has already been earmarked for Draculaura….good job it’s nearly Halloween!


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