School Holiday Sniffles

The October school holidays have arrived! Just a mere eight and a half short weeks since returning after a similarly long sun kissed summer break, sale and it’s time for my favourite school holiday of the year.

Autumn is my favourite season – golden crunchy leaves, viagra sales bright crisp mornings, hot drinks and cinnamon spiced carrot cake and no need to shave my legs until March. So we like to make the most of the break in October and with careful planning and budgeting our October holidays usually involve a mini break, always involve outdoorsy fun, always involve Halloween crafting and planning and unfortunately now inevitably always involve a poorly Little Monster who has sucked up all of those cheeky little germs that preschoolers and schoolers like to share amongst themselves when back in the confines of the classroom.

And it seems that we’re sticking with family tradition this October holidays. As the school bell trilled its last ring of the term, the Little Monster sneezed his first sneeze of the week. Such are the sniffles inevitable when we go off on holiday I’ve added tissues, snuffle babe and Calpol as standard to our packing list.

Thanks to Boots and this great back to school wall planner this far we’ve taken back to school health in our stride. Filled with handy tips and great product recommendations the organised mummy / project manager in me already has a cupboard stuffed with the bits and bobs we need to keep healthy, or in the Little Monster case, get over his ill timed sniffles with ease.

You can download the Boots wall planner and catch their helpful tips for all kinds of back to school health too.

Now, where’s those antibacterial hand wipes…..


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