Tipping Point – We can’t look away

This blog was born out of two of my biggest loves, treat my family and writing.  This space was supposed to be allocated to lovely things, ed funny stories, humourous accounts of family life.

But today, its about something else. It’s about doing something small in an attempt to change something so utterly horrifying that I truly struggle to find the words.  So many others have done so much better than I and you can read their words here and across Twitter as together parent bloggers across the world use their voice to collectively make noise about these atrocities.

Syria. Mindless violence. Deliberate killings. Innocent children.

Whenever I’ve heard any news accounts on the radio of what’s been happening in this country, and I have the children in the car with me, or we’re round the kitchen table, I turn the volume down. I do it to shield their innocent minds from the horror of what’s happening there, but  perhaps, I think I do it because I don’t want to know either, because turning a blind eye, or burying my head in the sand keeps our little world close to perfect.

I can no longer look away. We can no longer look away.

Reading some of the words written by other parents today, I can’t describe the feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I had not appreciated the true nature of the horrific violence. The massacre in Houla on Wednesday. The deliberate, violent, terrifying killings of 49 children.  That’s the size of my son’s preschool class, my daughters primary one class.

So as I listen to my three year old in the room beside me giggle uncontrollably as he plays with his farm animals, I know I can raise my voice, along with thousands of others for those children who sadly no longer can’t.

Please do what you can, use the hashtags #TippingPoint #Syria #StoptheKilling  on Twitter today, or take action and sign the Save the Children  petition here.


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