Truly Tropical

I’ve become a bit of a weather bore. It’s always a faithful ‘go to’ topic when having to make small talk with the man I speak intermittently with at the school gates but just lately I’ve become a bit of a weather freak. Not quite in the Michael Fish stakes yet, search but close.

Last week it was the rain. How wet is it?! How miserable for May?! Can’t believe it’s still welly season!

This week I’ve annoyingly taken to tweeting (daily) photos of the temperature gauge in my car. There are many reasons for this, viagra notwithstanding that Twitter is the place that we share innane photos like car dash temperature gauges and our attempts at homemade tzatiki turkey burgers.

There’s sheer disbelief. Why it’s mediterranean, nay Tropical around here! We’re not used to temperatures in double figures never mind in the twenties here in Scotland.  The change in my mood has been immense, I am in a positively great mood when the sun shines, affirming my suspicions that I am indeed solar powered. The change of activities the arrival of the sun has allowed us to participate in after school has been welcomed and gotten us out of a ‘home, snack, homework, dinner, telly’ rut. Trips to the park,  strolls to the shop for  ice creams, leisurely glasses of wine in the garden when the kids have gone to bed, weekend BBQs in plan.

It’s got me all excited about our summer holidays too, the coconutty smell of sun cream, the feel of the warm sun on my shoulders (of course, I’m wearing sleeveless things, it’s sunny.) I even decanted shampoo, conditioner and shower gel into travel size bottles for holidays and packed our toiletries. We don’t go for another 7 weeks.

It’s meant lots of outdoor time and fresh air for the kids which leave them with rosy glows on their faces and sleep patterns spanning 12 hours. We’ve slept with the windows open, and kicked the duvet off.  Bliss.

It feels like a proper summer.

The wellies haven’t yet been relegated to the back of the cupboard, and dusting off the BBQ is maybe a little premature as there’s a bank holiday coming up at the beginning of June, so it’ll rain no doubt! Still, that’ll give me something to talk about next.

Tsk, rain in June. Imagine.


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