Simple Pleasures.

Oh what a beautiful morning, no rx oh what a beautiful day..!

I didn’t quite feel like this when the alarm went off at 6am and I cursed the dark January mornings for being so, well, dark.

A cold blast in the shower did little to revive my bleary eyes and tired head, but nonetheless I managed to leave the house make-uped to the max and looking a little less tired than I felt.

The nursery run was a somewhat noisy one this morning with Little Monster Blue and Little Princess Pink providing musical accompaniments in the form of the low parp parping of a harmonica and the shrill whistling of a wooden recorder. Neither in any kind of tune.

Nursery drop off always involves LMB hiding under my long winter coat and pretending he doesn’t really want to leave me for the day, when secretly he can’t wait to get to the painting station.

This morning was different from the off, he was thrown as soon as we walked in the front door, by the fabulous nursery manager who was stood offering all parents tea, coffee or hot chocolate to take away! Imagine! Okay, so it is really basic, but never have I been so chuffed to have someone intuitively know I needed caffeine.

Little Monster Blue safely deposited with his fellow monsters and me with a takeaway coffee in hand (I did feel cheeky asking for the skinny milk option!) and I skipped off to the car for stage two of the morning routine, the school run. Heavily punctuated by sharp piercing whoot whoot whoot on the recorder, but with coffee in hand it was all okay.

Well done nursery for making my morning with your ‘parents surprise.’ Any chance of a glass of wine at pick up tonight?


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