I. am. a. robot. (Final Installment)

Production complete.

I’m delighted to report that Project Robot has been delivered to a satisfactory conclusion.

After sitting on the dining room table for over a week, buy viagra awaiting assembling, Lola’s disembodied head finally joined with her body and other remaining limbs and the masterpiece that is Lola the Robot came to life.

Having being tempted with the superglue once again, but managing to resist, copious amounts of pritt stick, just shy of a full roll of sticky tape and lots of finger crossing and willing it all to hold together led to a successful construction of said robot.  Needless to say, Super Daddy didn’t take the opportunity to flex any of his manufacturing engineering muscles as the mere mention of glitter sent him running, so all construction activities rested with the ladies of the house.  Under some clear direction from the mini project manager and designer, I was allocated the task of sticking it all together.  Being ever so confident in my abilities to deliver against this task, mini project manager was more than happy to delegate authority over that whole task to me whilst she attended a friends’ birthday party. I’m not sure if that says more about her delegation skills or my control tendency or whether she’d simply lost interest and I actually just wanted my dining room table back.

In an attempt to adhere to the blueprint as much as possible, some last minute improvising with the inner tubes of the kitchen foil and the jelly tots tube was required in order to give the tea boxes some inner strength to be able to support the weight of Lola’s disproportionately large body and head. I fashioned them into bones and slotted them nicely between the base of her body and in through the boxes. She balanced precariously for a while before I found the right position to allow her to stand. Super proud of our efforts, much photographing of the finished article took place once Little Princess Pink has returned from her afternoon partying whilst I’d used my only free hour and a half in the week to finish her school project. This definitely says more about me than her.

So arrived Monday – take your robot to school day.  The anticipation was just as high as it had been on the morning of the school Halloween party, only this time we weren’t building ourselves into a frenzy over the likely costumes of classmates, but of course, the turnout of many covered foil and glittered boxes. Lola had to be transported in a large blue Ikea bag as we didn’t have any other mode of transport quite big enough for her.  She also got to sit properly in the front seat of the car on the school run, with a seatbelt on of course, just in case we had any emergency stopping incidents which could result in Lola doing some slow-mo crash-test dummy style tricks.

Little Princess Pink was adamant that she should be the one to take Lola in her carrier down into the school playground, after all, it was her project and all her work.  Hhhm. I was relegated to carrying of school bag and lunchbox. There was much ooh-ing and aah-ing as the children started noticing one anothers’ robots, and the babble of exchanging of tales of how they had come up with their great design ideas grew louder and louder.

The display was spectacular. Pink furry robots, robots with purple plaited hair, robo-dogs, camouflage robot, Batman robot or would that be Robobat? Robots taller than their creators, dinky robots that sat neatly on the palm.

Lots and lots of silver foil.

But if you looked really, really closely, not at the robots, but at the faces of each and every parent standing in that playground, first you’d see pride in their own offspring’s creations, then slowly you’d notice the sneaky little glances around at all the other productions, you might see a little glint of ooh, not quite jealousy, but more of a ‘wish I’d thought of that.’ Then thankfully, and rightly so, a reversion back to pride. Because after all, even with a wonky head, wobbly legs, squint eyes and an arm that’s got about 3 seconds left before it drops off, every single robot was one to be proud of.

Well done class P1K!



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