The Germinator

Nothing says back to school like shiny shoes, look a new pencil case and a manically smiling mummy who is glad to have some law and order back around these parts. For us, it’s a big back to school year too as the not-so Little Monster made his debut appearance in primary one. Following in the footsteps of his big sister, he’s been excited to join the ranks of shirt and tie wearers (minus the nine to five and the office politics) and has already spent many a morning doing his hair and spiking it up into a ‘cool big boy’ style before mummy then ruins it by ruffling it at the school gates instead of giving him a kiss. Not permitted by cool big boys.

So they’re back in the classroom and I’d like them to stay back until the next half term at least, so keeping them germ free and healthy is a priority.

Easier said than done when our digit-ill age brings an increase in little germy hands pawing at iPads, kindles, tablets and parents phones, and busy lives see more ‘grab and go’ type snacking on route from school to social clubs without proper hand washing opportunities in between. Hail the antiviral hand foam! The handy, squirty tube carries nicely in your handbag, or glove box and the magic of how it dries without a towel impresses my two every time.

The rise of the selfie of course supports free flowing international travel for flighty headlice looking to explore new destinations. The little blighters are far freer to frolic from head to head whilst unsuspecting kids squash in closer to one another so they both fit in to camera range for the perfect selfies. Luckily, we’ve not had any of these little visitors to stay……yet, but at the slightest sign of a scratchy noggin, I’m out with the nit comb for a quick once over. A fellow mum (in fact, a few) tell me tea tree spray through the hair once a week and the occasional scoosh on pillows helps keep these nasties at bay. That sounds far easier to me than lengthy de-licing activities of a Sunday evening.

In homage to the selfie (minus the headlice) and to say thanks to Boots #bootsbacktoschool for keeping our cupboard well stocked with everything we need for back to school germinating, we’ve taken a few selfies (or germies!) of our own in a bid to get the kids thinking for themselves about things like good hand hygiene, wiping noses on tissues rather than sleeves and covering mouths when they cough. So here’s their selfies depicting what they think nasty germs look like……


Let’s hope we don’t see an influx of these this school year!

*ah, they’re actually still cuties aren’t they?







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