Date night no more.

I did that thing this morning that causes a similar sensation to putting your shoes on the wrong feet.

I woke up thinking it was Thursday.

It took a few seconds of quickly running through the day ahead in my mind (whilst trying to gain some feeling back in my right arm due to the weighty sleeping child still lying across it) before the realisation dawned that it was only Wednesday. Demonstrating exactly how my life has changed since becoming a mum, cheap the mental diary note which prompted me on which day of the week was stretching ahead of me was Little Princess Pinks Rainbow Guides class this evening. Once upon a time it might have been a weekly recurring work meeting, buy viagra a planned evening swim (ladies only naturally, me being as friendly with my swimming costume as I am with my trainers)  or gasp, Wednesday date night with Super Daddy!

Further evidence of the changes from pre-parent days gone by can be found on my Highly Organised But Seriously Lacking in Strategic Activities to do list. The most pressing item for today?

Post dinosaur drawing competition entry to Milkshake! 

Written in orange felt tip pen and heavily underlined (stressing its importance, and because I forgot yesterday.)

That item nestles snugly between ‘buy mushrooms for spag bol’ and ‘write cheque for French’. Frankly,  yesterday’s list was much of the same, interspersed with important work calls, the need to submit business cases and reminders to book work travel to London was

‘Gruffalo  birthday cake. Full size or cupcakes? Call Alexandra the cake lady!!!


‘Pick up BOYS pull-ups’

(also underlined purely to shame myself for having Little Monster Blue wear princess pull ups for the last three days to use up a pack I found when clearing out the bathroom cupboard.)

I must be clear, I’m not bemoaning the change, but I am simply more aware of it now than I seem to have been even in those early days of sleepless nights and (forgotten) pelvic floor exercises. Gone are the days of a phone call on a random Tuesday evening from one of the girls saying she’s about to pop over with a chinese takeaway, a bottle of plonk and a must hear story about the guy in accounts. No more are the mid week cinema dates where the movie starts later than 9pm.

So here I am on a Wednesday night, where once upon a time I’d be drinking wine and scoffing nachos in a poncey George Street establishment after work, and I’m sitting outside the Rainbows group where they’ve invited along a kids Zumba instructor who could easily be the love child of Balamorys’ Josie Jump and Archie the Inventor such is her energy and fetching pink t-shirt and combats combo. I’m suspecting she may also have had her fair share of coffee and blue smarties today.

Tomorrows’ diary scribblings clearly show its Thursday, we’ve music at nursery in the morning and French class after school, apparently I must also ‘call the council about the wobbly wheel on our wheelie bin.’

Oh and its S.E.X night…or was that last week? …. best check the diary!

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