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Being a busy mum I have a wardrobe that consists of baggy combats, generic cialis skinny jeans, physician leggings  and tees with dubious stains on, most likely tomato ketchup, yoghurt or snot. Unfortunately / thankfully these aren’t appropriate office attire and on my working days I need to up the ante a little. Working in a professional corporate organisation means smart office wear is essential, and I relish the opportunity to wear heels and register somewhere highish on the scale of ‘respectable looking lady.’

My work wardrobe like many of my colleagues consists mainly of black and grey and I do favour a smart dress (less items to iron than if I went down the blouse and skirt route, and very flattering on the old mummy tummy that comes with the territory of having kids and never setting foot in a gym.)

I was delighted to be sent two gorgeous dresses from the team at The Classy Wardrobe to try out for size, and both have been welcome additions to the work wardrobe.

When the postman delivered the white boxed package containing the dresses, I was in the midst of preparing kids lunch (eggs three ways ala Masterchef – poached, mashed-up in a cup and French toast) and was therefore reluctant to prise open the package until all eggy whiffs were gone.

Upon opening, I felt like an excited child on the morning of their birthday. The dresses were each protected in shiny white tissue wrapping, sealed gently. Enclosed in the box also was a handy Classy Wardrobe bag.


The first dress I tried was the ‘Adele‘. In keeping with the shades of grey in my current wardrobe, this dress is a good choice for the warmer months, the light grey colour makes it a better option on a summers day. This dress has a bright colour pop injection with some teal / turquoise piping around the waist, which is both flattering to the shape and a lovely feature breaking up the grey.

The dress has cap sleeves, with ruched stitching and they sit perfectly on the shoulders, not too high to feel sleeveless (and reveal bingo wings if like me you have them), but nowhere near a full sleeve, making it perfect for days when the sun shines, but equally workable with a cute cardi or smart jacket over (matching jacket available.)

The quality of the fabric is excellent, thick without being heavy, and it’s fully lined from top to bottom.  The Adele is an easy to wear dress, comfortable, definitely office practical and professional and very smart too. I was almost disappointed that the next working day was a bank holiday and I’d need to wait an extra day before I could wear it!

The true test for me was the breakfast sitting with the little ones then the school and nursery run which involves no less than six ‘ins and outs’ of the car. Breakfast brought the inevitable onslaught of yoghurty fingers, sticky jam toast crumbs and milky moustaches wiped on mum. Reminding myself for the 100th time that I should feed the crew THEN dress myself I set about with the kitchen roll to wipe up the breakfast I was wearing. The dress cleaned up easily enough, and it’s washing machine friendly too which is also a win.

The Adele dress passed the car hokey cokey of the school run (in, out, in, out, shake it all about) with no crushing or creasing to speak of. My smart new dress drew many a compliment from colleagues, and Super Daddy noticed straight away when getting in from work that my dress was new*.

‘Nice.’ he grunted.

This is high praise.

The Adele dress ticked the quality, ease of wear, practicality and smart / professional boxes, and when compared with other designer tailored workwear brands, it’s competitively priced for excellent tailoring and quality.  I’ll wear this dress on a weekly basis to the office (mixing up the accessorising of course!) and the initial test run suggests this will be a hard wearing, hard working dress.  All round it’s a super dress and when I can I’ll definitely invest in a few key pieces.

I’ll be testing out the stunning and very ‘of the moment’ peplum Oadira dress this week. Pop back to find out how I get on.

*on reflection he was probably wondering when on earth I’d bought this one!



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Good Luck – the competition closes on Wednesday 6th June at 8pm. Don’t forget to come back and see if you are a winner.

Disclaimer: The Classy Wardrobe sent me two dresses to review. I have received no monetary payment for this review and the views and opinions expressed are my own. Links to The Classy Wardrobe are provided out of courtesy.

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