Warning : Mug Porn

Joining in with Kate’s self confessed weird listography this week, cure here are my top five favourite mugs. Yes, you read correctly people, mugs.

Though I do have to admit, as a proper Tea Jenny, I do have a bit of a mug fetish, and more than happy to proudly display my wares on this one.

1. A Christmas present from my Mum and Dad. Two like this and two with red snowflakes on a cream background. I’ve blogged about these mugs before such is my love for them. A proper English breakfast tea at any time of the day goes down a treat in one of these.

2. A Jamie Oliver ‘cosy’ mug. These were on our wedding list and thus have special memories. It held on tightly to the number one spot for a whole 7 years and 8 months before being pipped by the red and cream hearts one. Pukka cuppa indeed.


3. This delight came as a gift from my best friend (my bate) with another three sweetly adorned mugs in the same design. Four of us girlies have a matching set and it confuses the bejesus out of me when I travel hundreds of miles to London to visit them, only to have coffee in the same mugs as we have at home.


4. Spotty Lilac. Also comes in spotty green, spotty blue and alas no more, spotty pink. Very girlie and perfect for hungover cups of coffee after a (very rare) night out.


5. Finally, a mug that we got made up for Super Daddy with his very own company logo on it when he became business man extraordinaire. It came filled with chocolate lime boiled sweets to top it off.


Fabulous listography this week, so many mugs that never made the cut…

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