United Kindmums – Random Acts of Kindness

Last Sunday afternoon, viagra at the end of a packed weekend of spa-ing, magazine flicking and wine drinking enjoyed with four of my close chums in a gloriously luxurious lodge by a loch, two of us made a pact to undertake one random act of kindness each day for a week. As I read aloud a snippet about random acts of kindness being a great way of increasing personal happiness, cynical sniggers ensued from the less ‘happy clappy’ members of the brigade, who poured cold water on the idea with a view that people would just think we were plain weird.

Well of course, this inspired us further.

We’d just spent the most relaxing time together, soaking in stunning scenery, pondering and musing about the good things in life – and those good things?  The little things. Feeling massively fortunate to have been able to spend such chilled out time together in such an inspiring little corner of Bonnie Scotland, we felt that spreading a little bit of happiness to others would just be a lovely thing to do.

Debate and discussion over the acts of kindness we could perform continued over mini scones and sandwiches with the crusts cut off,  and ranged from giving out free hugs at train stations to buying a morning beverage for the person behind us in the coffee shop queue. We were in firm agreement. We would start on Monday and we would update one another every night on what random act of kindness we’d performed that day.

So came Monday, oh how easy to fall back into the work and chores routine, and whilst I looked for opportunites to perform a random act of kindness, it just never happened. Then came Tuesday, another frenetic day of rushing and busying and hurrying and not making time – not even two little minutes to perform a random act of kindness. Wednesday – same story…

So the cynical ones amongst us were right. Or were they? Tonight the lovely netmums team introduced ‘United Kindmums’ – a year long campaign about thinking of others and passing the good forward, and frankly I’M GOING TO SHOUT ABOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS because its a simple, yet fantasically wonderful thing to do. Can you imagine the impacts of all the kindmums out there in the UK, undertaking even just the occassional random act of kindness? I’m sure you’d see the warm glow spreading across the UK pretty quickly.

So tonight, Super Mummy readers, fellow United Kindmums, lovely friends who know who they are – I’m supporting Netmums and their United Kindmums campaign, and starting tomorrow I’ll be out there with my random acts of kindness.

Who’s joining me?


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