Do as you do.

Dear Little Princess Pink, treatment

It’s not often I’m short of something to say, sovaldi sale but I am struggling to find the words that properly describe the immense pride I feel this afternoon after your second parent conference since starting at big school. This time I wasn’t fazed at all by the little green chair I sat in opposite your teacher, in fact I rather liked it. Daddy couldn’t make it this time so I had my listening ears on good and proper to ensure I could tell him every little detail of how wonderfully you have settled into school and taken to your class work like a duck to water.

Miss K can’t sing your praises highly enough, which is music to our ears. She shared with me your ‘weekly news journal’ where you get to put your emergent writing skills into practice. She was suitably impressed with the piece you wrote about the weekend we were toilet training your brother, particularly the part where you specified that he did 3 pee pees but no poos and mummy said he may get consternation. She liked that piece so much she asked you to take it to the deputy head Mrs S to let her read it too. I feel the whole school has now celebrated our family toilet training successes with us. I was a little concerned however when I read the piece you wrote about Daddy buying you the Kate Perry SeeDee, but then relieved that you didn’t mention that it has a naughty word in it which mummy says you’ve not to repeat again.

I’m delighted to hear you remain polite, well mannered and hard working and I just know from the mucky state your shoes come home in every night that you also play hard.

Your love of reading and your ability in literacy continues to knock our socks off. We’ll finish The Magic Faraway Tree in no time. The support you have both at school and from Daddy and I will ensure you grow in any which way you please my darling.

Continue to do as you do little one, you are our greatest blessing and every day is enhanced by your wit, your five year old wisdom and your enthusiasm for life.

We’re behind you every step of the way, you are doing us all proud.

Love Mummy xxx


Reach for the stars.

Dear Little Princess Pink, treat

This afternoon your Daddy & I attended your first parents conference at big school, whilst we were there  you had a play date at Marc’s house and had great fun with the light sabre (or light saver as you called it) and the little lego people.  You told me it was good to play with boys toys for a change, and Marc’s mummy told me it was a pleasure having you over.

At school, Daddy & I sat in little green chairs – the exact same ones as you sit in when you are in class. It was fine for me as I’m a little on the petite side, but all 6 foot of Daddy was squished and almost folded in half, his knees were nearly round his ears. You’d have rolled your eyes had you seen him!

Miss K had nothing but good things to say about you (and by the way, having seen her up close, I am quite certain she is 30 and not 7 or 10 as you had first suspected.) She started by telling us what a wonderfully well mannered and kind young girl you are.  She tells us not only are you caring and helpful, but you are considerate to the feelings of others, and will try to help them with their work in a soft and gentle manner if they get stuck, explaining to them as they go why the answer is what it is rather than simply telling them outright.

We hear that you have made lots of friends, and are well liked by everyone in the class.  It would appear that you have your fathers competitive streak, and often vie with your bestest friend Abbie to see who can eek the most praise from Miss K for good work.

We hear that you are patient, a trait that you most certainly don’t get from me, but one I am very glad you have. Don’t let that ever stop you from driving forward what you want though. We saw your writing that earned you the title of Star Writer this week, and the sentence that you compiled all by yourself – ” I like writing a story.’  You are your mothers daughter.

We saw Lola the robot displayed proudly outside the front of the school office along with her fellow robots who were equally fantastic.

We saw a great picture of you walking along a balance beam at gym, you were grinning from ear to ear!

I pointed out a photo of Ryan to Daddy, so he could see who you are going to marry when you are 16. It’s important that he knows. I can see why you told him today that he can be your prince and you’ll be his princess.

I saw your classroom from your perspective today and its exciting. I saw spark and drive in your teachers eyes too. She clearly loves her job and we know if you continue to be the keen, inquisitive, curious and diligient pupil you are, then she will support you all the way.

We’re super proud of you, you are blossoming my darling.

Reach for the stars.

Mummy & Daddy


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