Thirty One Days in…

The trouble with January is that it follows December. Poor old January, remedy forever tarnished with the bad rep of being miserable, rx depressing and jaw droppingly boring. A stark contrast to December, all warm, filled with laughter, cheer and joy to the world. In December it’s acceptable to wear glittery dresses and sparkly shoes. Not so much in January.

January also gets the unfortunate millstone of being the month in which resolutions are made and broken all at once. Frankly, it doesn’t have a lot going for it. But this year, I wonder if the trend has been bucked just a little?

I look around me at friends who’ve seen their year get off to a cracking start. New businesses have been started, and new qualifications gained. New friendships have been formed, old ones have been tested. New jobs have started and career changing decisions taken. Diets have been started and stuck to. Preparations have been made for the arrival of new babies (three in the space of the next six weeks, I’m a tad broody as a result but guess that’s a whole other blog post I’m not yet brave enough to write!) Big plans have formed to celebrate big birthdays, weddings are on the horizon, honeymoons and holidays booked and that’s us just 31 days in…

Hats (and sparkly shoes) off January, this year, you’ve not been all that bad.



I promise

New Year.

Goals, diagnosis plans, unhealthy hopes and dreams and the time of year when everyone put pressure on themselves to make resolutions they know they’ll have broken by the 5th January.

This is my list of new years resolutions I vow to keep / mini goals I’ll aim to meet:-

(Progress reports available on request.)

  • I will use body butter or moisturiser every day for silky soft skin
  • I will ‘Just Dance’ on our Xbox Kinnect every weekend (it’s the new clubbing don’t you know) and look ‘fit as’ as a result (though not whilst actually dancing, during that process I will look clumsy and uncoordinated)
  • I will write 500 words a day (excluding shopping lists, lists of things to pack for holidays, lists of jobs to do around the house, lists of presents to buy, lists of things to spend any future lottery wins on)
  • I will do one thing this year that scares me
  • I will stop scoffing Pringles by the tube of an evening
  • I will give everything I have to my friendships and relationships….
  • ….but know when to give up on something that’s not there.
  • I will drink more water every day
  • I will grow my hair
  • I will use my scary lady shouty voice much much less with the kids
  • I will take my make up off every night and use my anti ageing neck cream daily (Deirdre Barlow neck is not a good look)
  • I will read at least one book a month
  • I will get all of my shoes reheeled instead of just buying new ones
  • I will ensure the family all get our five a day and just eat bloody healthily instead of doing faddy diets (ala cabbage soup July 2011)
  • I will plan our garage conversion and save really hard for it (less buying of shoes may help with this)
  • I will learn Spanish. (Note, this has been a goal since I was aged 21.)
  • I will write my book and secure an agent (of the literary variety, not of the CIA or special variety)
  • I will learn how to play call of duty in order to please my husband (this is obviously his second choice of things I can vow to do to please him but my mum and the outlaws read this)
  • I will buy goldfish bowl sized wine glasses
  • I will not be sucked into celebrity big brother even though I’m a little bit curious
  • I will go on one city break with hubby leaving kids in grandparents care for a whole weekend. Eek!

Phew- not massively high brow but how’s that as a starter for ten?!

Happy New Year and hope all your dreams and goals become a reality in 2012.

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Another year…

As 2011 draws to a close I find myself reflecting on the last 12 months and the discoveries I’ve made this year. Some surprising, pills some I knew all along but finally acknowledged and others which have altered a tiny bit of my being making me a slightly different ‘Me’ as we go into 2012.

This year (in no particular order) I have discovered :-

  • I have a big crush on Olly Murs
  • I’ve grown up enough to finally enjoy and appreciate red wine.
  • Spaghetti hoops and fish fingers is a perfectly acceptable kids dinner every now and again.
  • I AM looking older, troche because I AM getting older….
  • … but I’m also wiser and that brings the balance.
  • Life is fragile, loss is painful and bad things happen to good people, with no rhyme or reason.
  • But good things also happen to good people, and when they do, it’s amazing.
  • Our family motto – “We can do anything we try” – is absolutely right.
  • Watching my big girl start school was as emotional as I thought it would be, but without a doubt it’s also been the most fantastic experience this far for her.
  • I’ll never be 8 stone 4 again.
  • I’m actually quite good at my job.
  • I still hate ironing as much as I ever did.
  • I didn’t  look that awful in my swimming costume this summer, but I will never wear a bikini again.
  • You get out of relationships what you put in – applies to love, family relationships and friendships equally.
  • The love I have for Little Monster Blue takes my breath away, it still shocks me that there was a time when I once couldn’t see that coming.
  • I now accept the dark puffy circles under my eyes. And my stretch marks.
  • I am a super multi-tasker.
  • I love writing and need to do more of it.
  • I take myself too seriously sometimes and the ‘chilled’ me is actually quite cool.
  • My husband has an equally big love of online shopping as I do.
  • FaceTime rocks.
  • I am the only person who can make my dreams come true.
  • I am content.

Happy New Year all, may 2012 bring you all you wish for.

This post is part of the Brit Mums Blog Hop.

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