Simon Jubilee

I didn’t plan to blog about the jubilee festivities as we were all out of bunting, online had no plans for a street party and the little monster still confuses HRH with the wicked queen from Alice in Wonderland.

Then I saw my twitter feed filled with Jublieeity and felt a little left out.

So we decided to maximise the free Jubilee events happening in our area.  First was the HobbyCraft ‘25% off  this weekend’ and free Jubilee face painting and crafts event.  The kids randomly had their faces painted with a Union Jack on one cheek and a Scotland flag on the other, and made ladybird, princess and cow finger puppets. Very Royal! We purchased more glitter glue to continue with the handmaking of birthday party invites, and in my Jubilee frivolity I conceded and allowed the princess to choose the bumper £11.99 pack. I then proceeded to purchase them without using my jubilee weekend discount voucher as I got slightly distracted by the little monster grabbing his crotch and shouting “there is something yellow coming out of my willy that goes in the toilet” as we stood waiting at the cash desk.

A quick trip to the ‘out of order but you can pee in them if you want to’ customer toilets and we were clear and good to make our way to Dobbies for the Jubliee Jamboree. We were too late for the complimentary strawberries, the band were just finishing up and I managed to spend nearly £10 on reduced baked goods since it was the end of the day.

Not so much on the ‘free’ after all.

Still we had a lovely time, and when Super Dad Skyped us from Holland just before bathtime, the kids were keen to tell him all about their day.

“We had our faces painted, we had jubilee biscuits, I made a cow, our balloons went flying to the sky when Mummy opened the car door, we had garlic bread for dinner!” they trilled manically.

“But, do you know what Daddy?” pipes up the little monster.

“Even though you weren’t here, we had  the best Simon Jubilee  ever!”

Bless, a weekend of celebrations, an extra bank holiday and some face painting, and they thought it was all in honour of their Daddy!




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