Blub.Sniff. Blub. It’s Christmas.

Usually the top two things that would invoke uncontrollable watering of the eyes in this household would be the chopping of onions or the stubbing of a toe, try but last night, cialis sale taking me (and Super Daddy) completely by surprise was a new and unwitting force that had me sniffling into a tissue and bubbling like a buffoon.

The John Lewis Christmas advert.

Now, I’d seen some twit-twooing and tweeting about it the day previous but hadn’t paid particularly much attention trying as I was not to unlock the lid on the Christmas excitement too early for fear of peaking before the middle of December and being in Christmas meltdown by the 24th. But the posting of the ad on another fabulous mummy’s great Facebook site for her unusual and bespoke tree plaques had me curious.  There I was sat on one end of the sofa, legs and feet mingling with those of Super Daddy, precariously balancing my nearly overfilled wine glass in one hand, and my iPhone in the other, when I pressed play.  One minute and 13 seconds in, I was a wreck.  So much so my reaction prompted much concern and worry in Super Daddy – after all, he thought I was just faffing about on Facebook between the X Factor ad breaks – what on earth had provoked such a reaction?

With black mascara streaming down my cheeks and a voice that wouldn’t quite let me form words properly came a “ohthatissolovelyIneversawthatcominghowsweetjustwhatchristmasshouldbeallabout.”

Removing said iPhone gently from my hands for fear of water damage, Super Daddy had a look himself.  “Will this do the same to me?” He asked. I watched his face closely, especially his eyes. Super Daddy doesn’t do tears.

I knew when he’d hit that 1 minute 13 second point, I’m sure I saw some misting…..

In an attempt to detract from any possible outward showing of emotion, Super Daddy promptly passed the phone back to me for a second viewing.  Despite knowing what was coming, my reaction was the same, in fact it was amplified because I knew what was coming. Super Daddy always find my emotional reactions to things like adverts, songs, even smells, a little bit confusing. Particularly when I was pregnant and had hormone induced bouts of crying over someone being tackled in a Manchester United game and when being unable to decide whether I wanted Spicy Chicken pizza or Chicken and Mushroom pizza for tea one night. To add to the emotion of my second viewing, Super Daddy thought it was humorous to throw in quips like ‘Don’t you just wish our own kids had that outlook?’ and ‘Aw, bless, he probably made the gift himself.’ Of course he didn’t, you wally, he bought it from John Lewis. Duh.

He hit the nail on the head though with the posing of the ‘Don’t you wish our own kids had that outlook?’ because that’s the sentiment of the advert surely, it’s not about giving, its about finding that perfect gift for that perfect someone and putting that before your own wishes.  Yes, yes, of course John Lewis suggest you’ll find the perfect gift in their lovely glossy shiny department stores twinkling with sparkle and luring you in with warmth and promise of leaving their store happy and content and laden with every item on your extensive present shopping list, but I think back to the gifts we’ve been given by the kids over the years, and nothing from any department store would come close.  Ceramic hand-painted hearts, glitter-drenched stars, drawings of our family standing under a rainbow, I needn’t go on….

But well done, John Lewis, its fair to say this offering is certainly the work of some very wise men or women.  So the lid is off on the Christmas excitement reservoir, and it’s starting to gain momentum 2011….wonder what they’ll come up with for 2012… ?

Crikey, I’m in Christmas Meltdown 2012 already!

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