Day 36 – Day 42 #100happydays

Day 36 was a mammoth day. I can be the queen of busyness, check but this took the biscuit. Falling in the door at 18.10 having been on the go since 06.00, then bathing and reading to the kids before tucking them up tight and back out of the door by 19.15 was a challenge. But the reason for my evening outing was to catch up with these girlies.

My ‘mum’ friends as I like to call them. Our friendship formed as we all got to grips with our foray into motherhood, some seasoned professionals, others complete newbies, but all with a need for the comfort that comes from just knowing that someone else knows what you’re going through. Years have gone by, and nappy chat, weaning woes and toddling tales are now part of our shared history. But what remains ever present is a bond that goes beyond those baby ties. And memories of pole dancing, glamping, ‘drive by jazz hands’, outdoor hot tubs, ‘mixtapes’, choreographed dance routines, planking in pyjamas and the rest are just as important!


Day 37 – Tweeting the Celebs!

I’m a huge Jill Mansell fan. I also like to tweet. Combine the two and I had a lovely happy moment when upon tweeting Jill about having worked out the plot twist in her latest book, The Unpredictable Consequences of Love, from a simple throw away comment from a character, she replied back with as much excitement as me about my working out the twist. This happy moment really does go someway to showing that it can be the teensiest little things that make us happy.


Day 38 – Valentines Day

One could think ‘cue lots of happy lovely dovey chat’ as today’s #100happyday, but actually not so much. Having handmade the kids a Valentines card each – yes handmade, and yes the kids – not SuperDaddy (his was shop bought after he asked if last years extremely thoughtful handmade anniversary card was made by one of the kids), I presented them with a flourish alongside their Valentines breakfast (ok, grapes in a heart shaped dish).
The Little Princesses’ card had mini love heart sweets glued in a heart shape on the front and inside read ‘I love you sweetheart’. I know. Clever. Thanks Pinterest.
She was less than impressed, “but mummy, I can’t eat those with glue on them!”
The Little Monster didn’t react too well to his card decorated with lots of pieces of pink tissue paper, again in the shape of a heart, and reading inside ‘I love you to pieces’ (once again, I thank you Pinterest)
“I don’t want you to cute me into pieces!” He wails.

Harrumph. Not the reactions I’d hoped for, but made me smile and hey, the cards look pretty cute even if I say so myself.


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