Top 5 (workplace) phrases that drive me crazy

When I returned to work after maternity leave, ask brain already a bit frazzled from baby number two, I was gobsmacked at just how many new phrases had found their way into office speak in the year that I had been off. These ones are used on a daily basis in my place and I must fess up, I know I am guilty of using them too. Cringe.

So here’s my top 5 phrases that drive me crazy (in the workplace) Read more on todays’ Listography over at Kate Takes 5.

1. On the same page – As in, lets make sure we both agree and are saying the same thing before we present this / tell someone else about it. On the same page suggests we’re reading a story to one another.

2. Let’s syndicate / socialise that first – As in, lets share our idea or proposal with the people we want to agree to this and get them ‘on board’ before we officially tell everyone its what we want to do. In my first week back, it was suggested I socialise a document with two key people before I sent it to a wider group by email. When I asked the question as to how to socialise a document (still claiming baby brain for the first week or so) I was told to email it to them!

3. Touch Base – As in ‘I’ll touch base with Geoff before we go to the meeting to make sure we’re on the same page.’ Frankly I don’t want to touch anyone I work with anywhere thank you.

4. Take it off line – As in, we’ll discuss this out with this meeting. Let’s just say that then.

5. Circle the Horses – I really don’t know what this means. I think its the opposite of ‘going round the houses.’ I think it means being sensible and checking in with the appropriate people first, ensuring you’ve thought of everything and considered all options before settling on a final solution. I hope thats what it means because I used it this week and received lots of approving nods – jeez – I might have committed to doing something completely different and be totally unawares.

Cringe indeed.

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