Days 5 – 8 #100happydays

Well, sildenafil it would appear I’ve been too busy being happy to actually post here on a daily basis! So you get not a double, not a triple, but a quadruple whammy of happy photos in today’s entry!

Day 5 – the one where the girls (and their bairns) came over, we drank tea, ate cake and drooled over the boys from One Direction (much to the little princesses horror!) I decided Zain / Zayne (?) is my favourite. Much love for Harry too however.


Day 6 – the one where I got to spend an unexpected afternoon with this handsome guy. He’s my husband, so it’s not that juicy, but given he usually spends Saturday afternoons at the matches of the Under 17s football team he coaches, it’s a rare occurrence. Thanks Jack Frost for the frozen pitch.


Day 7 – the one where I got to choose the movie. Sunday movie night, no sci-fi, no thriller, no cop dramas or aliens. Just Bradley Cooper. Sweet.


Day 8 – today! A whole 20 minutes listening to the radio on the car journey home from work, good tunes and bad singing in equal measure. And no refereeing of back seat squabbles or a million ‘but why?’ questions to deal with. Turn that volume UP!


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