Super Tan

So, and a Government agency is warning people not to use a new tanning spray that is on sale within the UK.  It’s not one that you apply directly onto your skin after exfoliating, body brushing and moisturising.  No.

You spray it up your nose.

I mean, come on. Would it really have taken a government agency warning to make you go, ‘Erm, no, thanks, I’d rather not’?

I am indeed a fan of a tan, and the faker the better. I remain firmly in the ‘girls against sunbeds camp’.  I do prefer to have a little bit of a glow, and as previous Super Mummy blog articles recount, a wee bit of fake sunshine on your cheeks works wonders for pepping up the glamour rankings of tired mummies.  But spraying something up my nose, in the hope that I’d slowly develop some bronzed godess-like appeal?  I remain unconvinced. Yet, many women in the UK are using this product, and more worryingly, without knowing what it contains.

What happened to a good old slap of a biscuity-smelling lurid coloured potion applied just before bed, making you dream about Weetabix all night but wake up in the morning positively glowing (and with a big white streak up the back of your left calf)? Or better still, as my Granny and her Granny before would have done, taking used teabags and wiping them up and down your legs to create that two weeks in Marbella (or Margate as it more likely was) look?

I’m being a little unfair as the range and quality of tanning creams, sprays (including booths!) and wipes available today has improved beyond measure. I expect my glamourous granny would approve. Which begs the question even more, ‘Spray something up my nose in order to get a tan?’ I’d rather attempt to drink a gallon of carrot juice and see if the orange colour permeated my skin that way. And if it didn’t, well, at least I might be able to see better in the dark on those midnight return trips with Little Monster Blue back to his own bed and avoid trodding on  a minature Roary the racing car on the way.



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