Mumsy? Moi?!

You reach a certain age, viagra buy or maybe it’s a parenting stage, buy where the joy you get from seeing your children’s reactions when opening their Christmas gifts far outweighs that which you get from opening your own gifts. Yes, I’ve received some questionable gifts over the years (Khaki Tie-Dye T-shirt emblazoned with three cats dressed in clothes anyone?) but no matter how good the gift, I can honestly say seeing Little Princess Pink physically shaking with excitement when she unwrapped talking Elmo two years ago and Little Monster Blue jumping up and down on the spot when he saw his Car Race (scaletrix) this year, are two mummy moments I won’t forget in a hurry.

But then, I got an AMAZING present from my own parents and an EQUALLY AMAZING present from the outlaws and I might have just had similar reactions to those of the nippers.

The gifts? Mugs. And an Apron.

And I’m being truly serious, no sarcasm, tongue in cheek humour or backhanded criticism here at all.  I actually rate these very highly in the gift stakes. There are a number of reasons for the singing of praises on these gifts.

Firstly, they are exactly what I asked for.

Being an avid tea drinker, mugs are well used in our house. Coupled with the ferociousness with which I throw too many dishes into the dishwasher, our once loved pastel coloured polka dot mugs had seen better days. Cue perfect present buying from Mum and we now have gorgeous chunky, cream and red mugs decorated beautifully with hearts and snowflakes and in keeping with our kitchen colour scheme just perfectly! Okay, I get that it’s a bit sad to love mugs quite so much, but they did also come with a matching biscuit barrel…

Then came the apron.  Too often I start cooking dinner after a mad dash from the office, to school, then nursery and home and don’t actually change from my work clothes before hand, thus resulting in curry stained shirts and greasy fish finger printed skirts, hence my request for an apron. I think I actually shrieked louder than Little Princess Pink did when she saw her much coveted Hello Kitty Bike this Christmas morning. To be clear, this is no ordinary apron. This is a handmade, Ulster Weavers (suppliers of kitchen textiles to the Queen no less!) prettily printed with teapots and other kitchen accoutrements apron, finished with bows and scalloped edging in coral pink. Very ‘Stepford Wives’. I LOVE it.

Upon opening it, it just had to be tried on for size. Drawing oohs and aahs from the ladies in the room, as I tied the apron strings around my waist, I knew it looked fabulous.  Super Daddy was very bemused by the over excitable squawking, not fully understanding just how gorgeously kitsch this apron was. Then I added the final touch to the look. Kicking off my comfy leopard print slippers, I stepped gracefully into my towering shiny heels and gave a little wiggle ala Stepford Wife extraordinaire, ta da!

He was sold.

Now before this suggests I’m becoming too mumsy and domesticated in my old age, I must note that I’m also suitably taken with all my other gorgeous (age appropriate) gifts. I’m also very much looking forward to bagging a bargain in the sales too, I’ve got my eyes on a gorgeous plum handbag, some slinky undies and I also believe Argos have £110 off their range of Dysons.

Happy days.

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