Can we build it? Yes we can

The super sister in law and I had a corker of an idea today. Our lightbulb moment came to us whilst we jointly tackled the assembling of Little Monster Blue’s new single bed. There I was clambering over chunky bits of wood still wearing my knee high boots such was my rush to start building it the minute I’d walked in the door, salve and there she was acquainting herself with the spanner whilst still wearing her puffy North Face winter jacket. In fairness to her she had only dropped in for a cuppa but through subliminal messaging I successfully roped her into helping me out without her really noticing, and frankly how on earth I thought I’d manage on my own anyway I’ll never know.

About twenty minutes in, and making great progress as we reminisced about the three hours it took us to mount a wall shelf a few years ago, we had the fantastic idea that we should set ourselves up in business as female furniture assemblers. Surely there’s a gap in the market there we agreed. This was whilst one of us struggled to hold up ‘Panel 3’ whilst the other grabbed a pile of books to prop up said panel so as we could turn our attentions to step 4 in the instructions. We cackled at how our toolkit would contain a selection of children’s books in various thicknesses for the propping up of parts that we weren’t quite sure actually went together. We discussed and agreed the division of labour, she would do the reading of the instructions, as despite me ‘familiarising myself with them’ for the recommended four minutes they suggested, I was still trying to complete step 5 with the panel facing the wrong way. We agreed I would do the screwing and turning of bolts and screws in hard to reach places as frankly her fat fingers didn’t make the task easy nor quick and we’d wasted precious time by having her take responsibility for that task when she didn’t have the right tools.

We didn’t get as far as discussing our company name, or our van as we just had to stop for a tea break upon reaching step 6 (it was an even number) but I’d like to think we’d call ourselves something like Janes of all Trades. We’d drive a pink van naturally as its all about the cliches.

We got there in the end with not man in sight.


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