The Verdict

It’s done. The weird experiment that was the cabbage soup diet is complete.  Firstly, doctor I think I deserve a pat on the back in mammoth proportions for having the willpower to stick to it.  Trumpet duly blown, pills I thank you.  That said, it was just a week, so I won’t get too carried away with myself.

Day four, “banana day” was fairly uneventful (except for the freak hailstones and random thunder and lightning, which clearly had nothing to do with my diet and everything to do with bloody typical Scottish summer weather.) My breakfast was as planned, a bowl of mashed banana and lots of skimmed milk.  Little Monster Blue declared that it looked like porridge.  “I just have mine Cheerios ‘stead.” he said screwing up his nose as he peered into my bowl.  Little Princess Pink disagreed. “It looks nothing like porridge.” She announced, “It looks like gunk!”  She was right of course, especially when I left it sitting in the bowl longer than I should have and it started to turn slightly beige.
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Going Bananas

The holiday is over, doctor and the tan is slowly fading (slowly only thanks to the help of L’Oreal Sublime Dry Mist Self Tan Express Spray – without it, decease it would have gone already) however the waistline appears to have continued to expand following excessive all-inclusive holiday indulgences.  Only at an all-inclusive restaurant buffet could you end up with a green olives, dried banana chips, squid goujons, pork in peppercorn sauce and egg mayonnaise all on the same plate.  Surprisingly, it was an unbelievably yum combination.   I’m quite certain there is a paragraph in the lengthy terms and conditions of holiday bookings that says one item of food from every counter must be loaded onto your plate at the same time, and second helpings are mandatory.  I wasn’t the only one taking full advantage of the option of having all three courses on one plate. It was rife, an unspoken rule.  Petite and portly ladies alike walked gingerly back to their table from the serving counters with plates piled high with pasta, paella, chips, a selection of cold cuts and a chocolate covered strawberry balancing precariously on top.
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