A Mooo-ving Tale.

Little Monster Blue LOVES animals. Particularly farm animals. Especially cows.  Whilst most children have a passing obsession with something in their early years, information pills generic cialis usually Ben 10 or Barbie, cialis sale LMB’s love of the humble dairy maker has been something of a consistent obsession for well over a year now.  This fact dawned on me whilst we were preparing for our summer holiday this year and I looked back on the photos we’d taken whilst away at the same time last summer.  The first photo I’m confronted with in the pack is LMB standing with his arms outstretched towards a large and very lifelike statue of a cow dressed in a Portugal football strip. It was the time of the World Cup, and the cow was standing directly outside the official Portugal FC shop (otherwise a cow dressed in a football strip would just be plain weird).  I recall that day, and particularly recall LMB’s reaction towards the cow- you could almost see mini cartoon love hearts popping out of his eyes as he looked at it.  The fact that he seemed to really be drawn to cows didn’t come as a surprise that day as we had spent many a day down at our local farm prior to this holiday, and he’d always happily gravitated towards the barn and the cow fields.  We of course had lots of farm books and animal books, but one in particular, which was only full of pictures of cows was a firm favourite.  We’d also spend many an hour watching the baby Einstein version of ‘Old MacDonald’ on repeat, LMB laughing his head off at the cow (a puppet of course) driving a tractor. A rendition or six of ‘What noise does the cow make?’ was also a hit from an early age. ‘Mmm’ being his answer initially before progressing to full blown ‘Moooooooo’ as he got that little bit older.  As he learned to speak, and express himself as his own person, his fascination has moved to a whole new level, with him clearly being able to articulate just how much he loves cows.

Granny- “ Do you love the cows darling? Are you going to be a farmer when you grow up?’

LMB –  ‘No be farmer. Mine be cow.’

Although given when my little sister was three she said she wanted to grow up to be a nurse, a mouse or a caravan, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that LMB wants to become an animal too.

We’re now beyond just making mere mooing noises when talking about cows, a new game has developed in our house, whereby we have to ask LMB what the cow gives us so he can tell us beef and milk. It’s funny (and not in the ha ha sense) that a two year old can never tire of playing the same game over and over and over. We’ve had tantrums in the supermarket because we don’t buy milk with pictures of cows on the carton, we even had to leave Clarks rather embarrassedly as LMB kicked up merry hell that they only had canvas shoes with fish on them and none with cows.  We went through a very brief spell where he took a liking to Donkeys, or Gonkeys as he liked to call them, but he quickly reverted back to cows when Jenny the Donkey at the local farm went to Gonkey Heaven.   Ask him to tell you what he’s drawing as he scribbles frantically across a page with a red wax crayon and he’ll tell you a cow.  Ask him which t-shirt he wants to wear on any particular day, be it the yellow one or the blue one, and he’ll tell you neither, he wants one with a cow on it.  When given the choice of which bedding he wanted to get for his new big boy bed, he of course opted for a set with cows on it. He loves Big Barn Farm on CBeebies, though has recently taking umbrage to Madame the Cow, frowning and shaking his head furiously when she speaks to the other animals with her French accent.   He has taken it upon himself to call the new calf at the farm ‘Beau’, and he asked today if he could take the bouncy cow from the farm home to his garden (it’s a rather cool cow instead of a castle but  I find its giant dangly pink udders a little disconcerting, though that’s clearly not the only reason I had to explain that no, we couldn’t bring the bouncy cow home).

In a way, I’m pleased he has such a love of animals, and there are worse things he could be obsessed with (you may recall previous mention of a friend who has a son who is fixated with hoovers). It is a little unfortunate that the only animal Old MacDonald has on his farm when you sing with LMB is a cow, and it is unfair on LPP that the only joke of hers that LMB belly laughs at is the one about the cow who went to the moooooo-vies , but it is cute and it does make us chuckle.

With a moo moo here and a moo moo there…….

Jingle Bells in July

At my last count, nurse there were another five months to go until the big guy in the red suit would be taking that dangerously tight  squeeze down our chimney, cialis yet in the past few weeks the Christmas references have been in greater abundance than the number of old drunk Aunties round the dinner table on the 25th December (or is that just my family?)

We overhauled Little Princess Pinks bookcase recently as it was quite literally bursting at the seams. Naturally Little Monster Blue inherited a huge proportion of the books that were deigned far too babyish by the 4 going on 14 year old. One such book was The Nativity. I’m not sure there is an average age by which a child outgrows The Nativity story, but given most seem to have written off Santa Claus by the time they reach 8, perhaps one of the oldest tales in the world does have a shelf life. As this version of The Nativity was an Usbourne touchy feely, I allowed it to be placed on the shelf in LMBs bedroom. And there I expected it to stay until the 1st December at least. But not so.

LMB is just getting to that stage where he likes to choose the three books we read each bedtime,’Baby Zoo’, ‘That’s not my Monkey’ and ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ have been on his short list for some time now. But that all changed with the arrival of new books on the block, The Nativity coming out tops. For the last week and a half.

At first I tried to discourage him, suggesting ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ was much more exciting, and even had a tiger who drank all the water in the taps in it,  but that didn’t hold the same appeal as a lady in a blue dress on a donkey. So, The Nativity it was. More for my own sanitythan anything else, I tried to tell the story with minimal Christmas references, which is pretty hard when you’re faced with an angel, three wise men and the baby Jesus himself. I tried to focus just on the animals in the story, and at one point deviated to sing Old MacDonald had a farm (predominantly with sheep and a donkey). Then I tried the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star route when we got to the page where the three wise men followed the star to Bethlehem. But nothing could detract from the fact that we were reading The Nativity. In July.

At the same time we made the discovery of The Nativity book, so too did we find ‘Mr Men – Mr Christmas Saves the Day’.  A fun story about Mr Christmas being drafted in to help the real Father Christmas who was way behind on the Christmas preparations due to playing too much golf and drinking too much beer (okay, I made that last bit up, but in the story he had being playing too much golf – probably a discussion point in many a household.) It’s a colourful, brightly illustrated board book,and great for little hands to turn the pages, oh and just perfect for little fingers pressing the ever so slightly annoying musical button which plays Jingle Bells. Over and over.

Then as if entering a bizarre parallel universe I logged on to my PC to get my daily fix of mini-blogging – i.e. Facebook – only to find that on the 25th July (officially smack bang in the middle of summer)  one of my friends was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas…you know who you are Mrs W – being Down Under is no excuse!  Further facebook updates have followed with friends having bought presents already to hide in the wardrobe / under the bed / in a safe place only to forget where they are and have to go and buy replacements when they can’t be found (probably just me again on that one – we’re still missing a Teletubby from 2006…)

Finally, to top it all off, I opened the free local newspaper which pops through the letter box every Friday, to be faced with a centre page double spread of Christmas Party Night adverts and sample Christmas Lunch Menus. The pages were decorated with the dark green holly and deep red berry colours of Christmas, there were flutterings of little fake snowdrops making their way down the pages, a shot of a wonderfully lit Christmas tree, stacked high with ornate decorations and packed underneath with shiny foil wrapped presents tied in great big bows. The Christmas menus couldn’t have been any more traditional – turkey with all the trimmings, brussell sprouts with chestnuts, roast potatoes oozing in goose fat, and Christmas Pudding with brandy ice-cream.  There were cheesy pictures of couples snogging under huge bunches of mistletoe, hazy photos of little children sitting at the feet of Father Christmas, looking at him with awe and wonder in their eyes.  I mean come on. It’s July. There’s five months to go…….

Hhhhmmmm, though a brandy and a mince pie might just go down a treat right now….

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