Mumma Brownie Points

We seem to be a day later than everyone else with dress up for World Book Day at our school, cialis canada but still going at it in a gung-ho fashion, Little Princess Pink stepped out of the door this morning kitted out from head to toe in black and red as she took on the mantle of the ladybird from ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson.

We face-painted, we hand made (yes, hand made) red and black antenna, and improvised with a safety pin, a long sleeve black top belonging to moi (and thus drowning five year old) and a lady bird tutu that the same five year old got for her 2nd birthday. And it still fits.

She looks adorable, but better than that I am more impressed with my ‘cobbling together of a costume at the last minute’ efforts. I feel like one of those proper mums today. You know, the ones who actually make costumes. With a proper needle and thread.  Jeez, I don’t even own a sewing kit.

Then it struck me how times have changed.  When I was a nipper, had I gone to school wearing something my mum had crafted from a pillowcase and purple fabric squares I would have had the mickey well and truly taken out of me.  Cringeworthingly, I once made an Alice Band myself from an old white tee-shirt and a spool of green thread (inspired by Jackie magazine) and was subjected to such a torrent of abuse from a girl in my class who mocked me for being poor and having to make my own clothes, that I lied and told her I had gotten it free with a magazine. I’m not sure which is worse.

Yet, today, hand made is the route to go.  There are big mumma brownie points to be gained (and lost) at the school gates on dress up day.

So off we went, expecting to have a serious 10 mumma brownie points in the bag with our ‘you can’t buy me in the Disney store’ costume, only to be scupered by the most beautiful Rapunzel and her 6 FOOT LONG, HAND MADE GOLDEN PLAITED HAIR.

Harrumph. Must try harder.



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