100 Happy Days

I love this sh*t. I genuinely do. I dabbled sometime ago with random acts of kindness, online some folks told me it was just too weird, doctor others just got it. I read ‘The Secret’ seven years ago and regularly practice the principles of the laws of attraction. An attitude of gratitude has been a mantra of mine for a long time too (and hearing the rather lovely Bradley Cooper talk on Radio One to Chris Moyles about writing a gratitude journal each morning as the first thing he did upon waking didn’t influence me at all!)

After a yucky time with anxiety nearly two years ago, I started to read up more around mindfulness, living in the moment, taking action for happiness, practising gratitude more and as it happened, putting my energies in that direction really helped.

Last year we started a ‘happiness jar’ – a basic idea which the whole family embraced in the end. One jar filled with little blank strips of paper and a pen, another empty jar. Each day, or when the moment took us, we’d write down what made us happy that day, or something we were thankful for and pop it in the happy jar, which eventually became pretty full. At the request of the little princess we read out our years worth of happy moments on Christmas Eve. It was my top happy moment of the year.

So this year, alongside the happy jar, and alongside hundreds / thousands of others who are doing it too, I’m taking part in #100happydays and each day will be taking or sharing a photo capturing my happy moment. Simple. But powerful.

Join in! Simply take your photos and tweet, share on instagram or facebook using the #100happydays, or simply keep them in a photo album of your own. I’d love to see everyone’s photos though as I already have a warm glow of happiness from seeing those of friends who are also giving it a bash, please do share and feel free to tweet me @workingsupermum or follow on instagram too.

Day one #100happydays – finishing and submitting a children’s book entry to a competition. To be honest, reading it to the kids and having them love it was the best part.


Day Two #100happydays – building the Playmobil Hotel as a team! Took forever, but it rocks. I love it more than the kids I think.


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