Green pencil cases and corn rulers – Back to School the Eco Way

Back to school season has thrust itself upon us for yet another year, rx and once again I wonder where the summer went, and dread the thought that my eldest is moving up through her school years at a rate of knots. We approached back to school shopping in my usual fashion, avoiding facing the school shoe and uniform gauntlet until the very last moment, so as to minimise the impacts of the inevitable last minute growth spurts which result in a second trip back to exchange for bigger sizes. I do now seem to have too many pinafores however having forgotten that last year I’d bought a couple in a bigger size that have been tucked away in the wardrobe awaiting their first outing this term. On the upside, it means its no great shakes if I’m not up to date with the laundry, which rules out those mad Sunday night dashes back and forth between the washer, dryer and ironing board.

Shopping done and in the bag for another year, I reflect that the very best part of back to school shopping, and I remember vividly as a child feeling exactly the same way, is the stationery shop. Everyone has to have a new pencil case for a new year, complete with matching sharpener, eraser and ruler, right? I recall spending what felt like hours choosing my new term stationery kit, and then once at home carefully organising it all neatly into the pencil case, pencils sharpened to so fine a point you could do someone a mischief. In some way, I’m delighted and proud that the princess has taken this love for a new ruler from me, her eraser collection warms my heart too. So you can imagine the geeky excitement that arose when a delivery from the guys at memoetc landed on our doorstep.

A full box bursting with all the back to school goodies a girl (or 34 year old woman) might need. Even better, all the products were made from recycled goods. A pencil case that used to be a car tyre, a ruler that used to be corn on the cob, gorgeous shiny red notebooks made from recycled leather, colouring pencils made from recycled CD cases and coloured biros made from corn. Frankly, I didn’t want to share with my schooler!

Remarkable describe themselves as a quirky Eco-manufacturing company, passionate about treating the environment with care. That philosophy was always going to be up my seven year olds street being one who frequently tells me off for leaving lights on when no-one is in the room and insists (or perhaps that’s me) that we handcraft all of our Christmas cards from the previous years collection. And quirky these goodies are. What’s not to love about a pencil case that could possibly tell a tale of the UK’s best and worst motorways? And rulers that could have equally found their way to my plate? It kinda makes my mind boggle a little. According to the seven year old, its all just ‘pretty awesome’ and ‘epic’ (we watched too much american tv during the holidays) and my four year old, who has another year to go before starting school asked if he can eat the ruler that used to be corn. But the best part, all the good stuff about reusing waste and thinking of the environment now and for our kids futures aside, these products actually look and feel great. They are designed to do so, and they really do. They feel like sturdy, quality products and a very different proposition to my memories of recycled products from years gone by (scratchy toilet paper anyone?)

Remarkable are just that in my view. And if I get an even warmer and happier glow from sorting out my stationery knowing that all that dividing up of paper from food waste from cans from plastics from garden waste from cardboard from wood from glass that we all do at home is worth it and helps create some pretty cool stuff that any schooler (or responsible project manager) would like to have on their desks, then that’s all good with me.

Disclaimer 1) : this blog post was lovingly written using a biro made from corn in a gorgeously glossy recycled leather bound notebook before being hastily typed into a format suitable for online publishing!

Disclaimer 2): whilst the guys at memoetc were kind enough to send us this box of remarkable goodies to try out, all view and opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Wow, didn’t realise eco friendly stationery existed, that’s amazing. Maybe chewing on biros not so bad now? x

  2. Super Mummy says:

    Especially the ones made from corn on the cob!

  3. Поскольку никаких документов у погибшей не оказалось,
    долгое время она значилась как неопознанная.

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