My List of tricks to retain some glamour

A friend of a friend is due her first baby sometime soon, sovaldi and although she is feeling like she has it all under control and will adapt nicely to the arrival of a littlie, there she has issued her friends with a harsh  warning of ‘You better tell me if I start to let myself go.’

So, here’s my list of quick tricks for making it appear that you are still your glamorous pre-baby self, even if your bra still has a slight whiff of breast milk about it…

1)      Lipstick on the school run.  I can’t take any credit for this one- nor unfortunately can I give any to the very clever lady who wrote a full article dedicated to the subject in one of the major glossies about 3 years ago, as I can’t remember where I read it or what her name was.  But the integral part of the article has stuck with me. Lipstick on the school run.  It does not matter if you’ve not brushed your hair and you still have your pyjama bottoms on under your long winter coat. If you have your lipstick on, you look like you’ve got it together.

2)      Fake it. A slap and a slop of that wonderful moisturiser with the tiniest bit of fake tan in it before you go to bed will make that first glance in the mirror each morning a little less scary. Somehow dark circles and puffy eyes are immune to the effects of a little bit of a glow.

3)      Eye-drops. As much as the love for your newborn can give you a twinkle in your eye, the 1, 3, and 5am wake up calls have the slightly opposite effect. One or two drops in each eye will give you a little of that sparkle back.

4)      Dry shampoo. It comes in a spray can, looks very old fashioned, but has powerful effects. A quick spray on the roots, a little working it with your fingertips, a shake of your head upside down and ta-dah, you won’t need to wash it for another two days at least.

5)      Although the deodorising properties of dry shampoo have probably not been clinically proven, a quick squirt of the arm-pits should keep you smelling fresh for some time too. If nothing else, it’ll mask the smell of the breast milk.

6)      Smile. It costs nothing and will light up your whole face.  Just be careful not to over-egg it too much.  There is a fine line between happy mum and grinning maniac.

7)      Thick tights.  Thick funky patterned tights, skirts and knee high boots. Instant glamour, plus you don’t have to worry that you’ve not shaved your legs for at least three months. Note, this one doesn’t work quite so well in the middle of the summer.

And if that all seems like too much effort, then sod the lot, put on your comfy jogging bottoms and your ‘too tight across the boobs’ tee-shirt, pull your greasy hair back into a tight pony tail and smile, because your children, your husband and all who are lucky enough to know you will love you no matter how you look…….just take their gifts of fresh breath mints in the spirit with which they are intended.

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  1. my favourite post! I share the same love for dry shampoo!

  2. Super Mummy says:

    Thanks! Dry shampoo rocks, doesn’t it. I might have to revisit this list, it’s been a while since I checked I was still at least trying to be glam. Today puffy dark circles under my eyes is the way I roll. Note to self: get the fake tan out.

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