My List of Kiddisms that make me smile

We got great little gifts from a good friend when Little Princess Pink and Little Monster Blue were christened. Two small boxes with notelets inside (pink for LPP and blue for LMB) to record all those classic lines that come from the mouths of babes.  They are pretty to look at, pilule and lovely keepsakes to have, but surely as parents we’ll remember all those little kiddisms that our darlings come out with on a daily basis? Or so I thought.  LPP can come out with so many in a day that there is no way I’d remember them all to recount when Super Daddy gets home from work, never mind when she is 18 and we’re trying to recall stories to embarass her with. LMB has only started to say ‘Baa’ when you ask what the sheep says, so we’re ok with him for the time being.

So, in the absence of writing them down in the little pink box tonight, I’m going to record some recent kiddisms here for everyone to enjoy.  I can see this list being added to very regularly.

1. “Mummy, can Ally from pre-school come to my house on Friday please? He knows where our house is, because he lives in Scotland too.”

2. “Why do Daddies not have big boobie lumps?”

3. “I learned a new song today Mummy, it’s called Super Cala Fraga Lipstick”

4. Having just come from Marks & Spencers, “Mummy, Spencer is in Balamory.”  “Yes thats right.” I said. “But Marks not!” she replies

5.  “Fraser and I were putting yoghurt on our chins today and pretending we had bastaches.”

6.When Girls Aloud came on tv, “What girls are allowed in it?”

7. “Nelly the Elephant packed her trunk and said Goodbye to the office!”

8. “Mummy, I want to choose what we should do today. I think we should buy me a Fifi skateboard.”

9. At a friends house when asked what I wanted to drink, I asked for another cup of tea, commenting that I was such a tea jenny. LPP pipes up, “Did you just call Lewis’s mummy Jenny?!”

10. “Oh for fliks sake!”

And that last one, I confess has clearly come from me. Off to the naughty step I go.

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  1. lisa langa says:

    This is hilarious! I’ve just sat and read them all Julie-Ann and have lol’ed and related to them all.


  2. Super Mummy says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Glad you enjoyed reading! This writing malarkey is fast becomming a bit of a fix for me, and with my two….endless writing material! x

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