Thirty One Days in…

The trouble with January is that it follows December. Poor old January, remedy forever tarnished with the bad rep of being miserable, rx depressing and jaw droppingly boring. A stark contrast to December, all warm, filled with laughter, cheer and joy to the world. In December it’s acceptable to wear glittery dresses and sparkly shoes. Not so much in January.

January also gets the unfortunate millstone of being the month in which resolutions are made and broken all at once. Frankly, it doesn’t have a lot going for it. But this year, I wonder if the trend has been bucked just a little?

I look around me at friends who’ve seen their year get off to a cracking start. New businesses have been started, and new qualifications gained. New friendships have been formed, old ones have been tested. New jobs have started and career changing decisions taken. Diets have been started and stuck to. Preparations have been made for the arrival of new babies (three in the space of the next six weeks, I’m a tad broody as a result but guess that’s a whole other blog post I’m not yet brave enough to write!) Big plans have formed to celebrate big birthdays, weddings are on the horizon, honeymoons and holidays booked and that’s us just 31 days in…

Hats (and sparkly shoes) off January, this year, you’ve not been all that bad.



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  1. Lynne McMillan says:

    I feel the same this year it hasn’t been so bad. Doing ok with the resolutions and lots of January birthdays means our December excitement is carried on for the littlies! Lets hope the rest of 2012 carries on in the same way! x

  2. You’ve helped me take an entirely new outlook on the month of January. Looking fwd to Feb too with lots of excitement. Xxx

  3. Super Mummy says:

    Great to hear Lynne. AND it was still light at 17.02 this evening – surely that’s a good thing to happen in January?! Let’s made them good ones, a month at a time!

    J x

  4. Super Mummy says:

    LOTS to look forward to in February Annie – and a whole extra day to boot!


  5. Charlotte says:

    January – always such a blue month, even though it does contain my birthday. A month when no one wants to/can afford to, come out an celebrate with me. Presents are of the ‘vintage’ (read ‘sale’) kind and no one eats cake due to aforementioned dieting.

    Can I be Queen and have two birthdays please?

  6. Super Mummy says:

    Charlotte, I like your thinking very much on the two birthdays idea, let’s earmark sometime in June for you. Spot on observation on the birthday gifts too, I must fess up, Super Daddy has a new years day birthday. His gifts are always vintage!


    Ps, you are a queen my darling

  7. Charlotte says:

    June it is! Queen? **Blushing** xxxx

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