The Supermarket Chic Challenge

Now that Supper Daddy and I have reclaimed our bedroom back as our own, buy viagra we have decided a mini make-over of our boudoir is in order. Little Princess Pink sleeps in her own big bed all night, drugstore with the exception of the odd occasion where she wakes to say there is a dinosaur under her bed or she is afraid of Santa Claus, and Little Monster Blue just LOVES his own cot in his own room between the hours of 7pm and 5.30am.  So with no moses basket, no need for Winnie-The-Pooh nightlights and no little people  sprawled sideways across the middle of the bed whilst Super Daddy and I perch dangerously on the edges, it’s time to get our bedroom back to a place for grown-ups only.

To be perfectly honest however, I can’t be bothered with the whole rigmaroll of painting, or wallpapering and while we probably could do with a new carpet I’m happy to wait until next year to do a complete overhaul.  So, for now, I simply want to bring a bit of colour to it, make it our little haven of calm and tranquillity (okay and erm, passion) without the risk of stepping out of the bed and trodding on a toy aeroplane.

I have in my head a vision of deep plum or aubergine accents which will contrast nicely with the coffee colours we have at the moment.  I’m thinking a warm autumnal / winter theme, with soft, luxurious and sumptuous fabrics, making a space that we can retreat to when it starts getting colder and darker in the evenings (me with a good book and Super Daddy with high expectations.)  A quick squizz through the M&S Home magazine yesterday left me disappointed, I’d half expected my vision to materialise on the pages before my eyes, nip up to M&S, load up my basket with items D, G, and H from pages 55 – 56, return to my bedroom, throw it all together and voila! But not so.  Half hour scouring the internet revealed lots of fantastic plum and aubergine tones. But at prices I just wasn’t willing to pay for a 60 minute makeover.  So, I filed the idea on my ‘one to do later’ list, and set off to pick up the kids at nursery, popping into Morrisons for a few ‘essentials’ on the way, i.e. wine and nibbles for the girls coming over for a catch up.

With my basket fully loaded (one red, one white, one Rose) I took a detour via the homeware aisle.  There nestled cosily together on the bottom shelf were two coffee coloured cushions with vibrant magenta and deep plum stripes across the front, exactly what I was looking for- perfect. £10 for two -bargain.  Into my basket they went.  Two feet away in the ‘lighting section’ (they had approximately 12 lamps) was a glorious plum lamp and base which matched the plum stripe in the cushion, another bargain, so I picked that up too and stowed it under my left arm.  Behind me, stood a full display of candles in every imaginable colour and two strawberry and pomegranate scented pillar candles also found their way into my basket.  With my basket beginning to overflow, and my eye on the clock for nursery pick up time, I started to make my way to the checkout only to spy a conical shaped vase, in deep plum which at £3.99 I just had to have. Very pleased with my purchases and even more chuffed that I had managed to pick up exactly what I was looking for on a spontaneous trip to the supermarket  I decided to set myself a challenge.  Surely I could create the look I wanted by picking up all my accessories and bedding from supermarkets?

If Coleen Rooney can successfully launch a clothing range in Asda, and Betty Davidson can stock the shelves of Tesco with her make-up range, then surely creating a luxury boudoir feel on a supermarket budget is actually a cool thing to do?

So on a bit of a (quite sad, really) mission, I threw the kids in the bath later in the evening, risked the laptop being soaked and checked out Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury on-line whilst LPP pretended to scuba dive and LMB used the pink teapot that’s not really a bath toy to pour water all over himself, LPP and the floor.

Excitedly I trawled through pages and pages of bedding, decorative accessories and soft furnishings, spying little pieces along the way that would be good for other rooms in our house (slate grey towels for the downstairs loo, red and cream spotty Cath Kidston-esque tea-towels and oven gloves for the kitchen and pink storage boxes with cupcake designs for LPP’s bedroom –and  all whilst obtaining clubcard points to boot.

However with the water in the bath getting a little on the cold side, and LPP having decided to be an Olympic board diver instead of a scuba diver, I turned my attentions back to the task in hand, and purchased a great quilted throw which would tone with the cushions brilliantly from Sainsbury, a set of three plum coloured glass photo frames from Tesco and some plain coffee coloured jersey cotton bedding and a canvas print with just the right mix of browns and plum / purples that would look great above our bed from Asda. Job done.

With everything ordered and due for delivery by the end of the week, I’m looking forward to creating my ‘supermarket chic’ space, and making full use of it over the weekend.  Though come to think of it, it was probably about 4 years and 9 months ago that we last decorated our bedroom…..

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