No hummous please, we’re 4.

It’s birthday party season amidst my mummy circle and it was the turn of Little Princess Pink on Saturday. LPP was quite clear on her requirements for party food. We had to have marshmallows, sildenafil dipped in chocolate with a lurid coloured smartie on top. We couldn’t go without strawberries dipped in chocolate with a coating of rainbow bright hundreds and thousands, and we just had to have white chocolate crispie cakes with pink marshmallows mixed in. These were her specific requests and being her 4th birthday, I didn’t want to disappoint. So Friday morning was spent melting and mixing, melting and dipping and melting and licking.

“Oops.” said LPP. “That one touched my mouth mummy.” refering to the 3rd pink marshmallow that had managed to touch her mouth or  fall on the floor or  not look quite as squishy as the others and therefore be fit only for LPP consumption.

So, we melted and we dipped and we mixed and we moulded until three perfectly formed trays of chocolate and marshmallow based offerings were ready to be chilled in the fridge. Pleased as punch that the food was organised, LPP happily retreated to the playroom to count the number of princess balloons waiting to be inflated. My guess was 8 as that’s how many were there when she counted them an hour and 26 minutes ago.

So, there I stood in the kitchen, milk chocolate solidifying on my left cheek mentally checking off all other food and drink stuffs for the big event.

Wine for the Mummies. Check.

Burgers, Spicy Tomato Relish, Chilli & Ginger Relish, Hot Hot African Chakalka Relish, some kind of Pepper & Corn relish (Spicy) for the Daddies. Check.

Tea & cupcakes for the Grannies and Grandads. Check.

Pringles, Kettle Chips, Doritos and Mini Magnums for the Tweenagers. Check.

Carrotty Wotsit Type Crisps and Gingerbread men for the 1+’s. Check.

Chocolate & Marshmallows for the 4 year olds. Check. Oh and Hot Dogs.


Now this is where my quandry began.

My memories of birthday parties growing up were coloured with musical statues, musical bumps, smarties, dancing competitons, bowlfuls and bowlfuls of jelly and ice-cream, more dancing, slices of birthday cake with luminous icing, musical chairs, more musical bumps, a race round the garden and then someone puking on the livingroom carpet.

But, oh were they fun. And the food was the highlight. We didn’t get to eat jelly and ice-cream on regular Saturdays. We sometimes got smarties, but my sister and I had to share a tube. And we certainly didn’t get cake with icing you could see from space.

So as much as the mind of mummy who likes her little ones to get at least 3 of their 5 a day before they leave the house in the morning was telling me we should  balance the birthday buffet table with some grapes, carrot sticks, cucumber fingers and maybe some hummous for dipping; the mummy who remembers the excitement of choosing only the orange smarties and swishing the jelly between her teeth and getting a cold head from the ice-cream was telling me that hot dogs, and chocolate and marshmallows would suffice………………..even if I might puke on the livingroom carpet again!

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