Mummy Flu

Last week I had the flu. Not just a runny nose and a slightly warm brow but full on ‘even the bones in my pinky toes hurt’ kind of flu. If how poorly I felt was ever in doubt, here the fact that I went on the school run with no bra on should tell you. I’m so pathetic at being unwell. I get all whiny and groan over dramatically like I’ve eaten a dodgy prawn sandwich.  I even had a good old cry to myself when my eyeballs hurt.

I’m not always such a namby pamby when it comes to illness, physician present me with a three year old with a fever and a productive cough and I’ll have him Calpoled up, chicken souped up and tucked up before you can say Atishoo. A six year old with a sore tummy? Hot water bottle, fleecy blanket on the sofa, plenty of kisses and I’ll snuggle in and we’ll watch Tangled together. I’m just not so hot at dealing with my own ills. The kids are poorly, I still manage to look after them, work from home, make a homemade lasagne for dinner and throw in a couple of piles of laundry. When poorly myself? Well, it took me until Thursday before I was able to brush my hair. Friday before I could wash it. So far, the man of the house has weathered the germs fairly unscathed. He ‘fessed up that he’d quite enjoyed his ‘man week’ whilst I’ve been doped up to the eyes on beechams flu remedy and snoring into my pillow again by 7.45 every evening (after my napping was broken only to scare the fellow mums on the school run with my greasy unstyled hair and free hanging assets). He’s watched boys movies, endless football games and worked late in to the night without me nagging him.

So now I’m back to one hot lemon drink a day to keep the sniffles and poundy head at bay, I’m also catching up on a weeks worth of washing, a weeks worth of ironing, a weeks worth of dishes… where’s my bra…

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