It seems these days that footballers just can’t seem to keep their tackle in their shorts.

You can’t go a week without picking up a newspaper or catching a story on the lunchtime news which regales the indiscretions of one of the men that we see week in week out on our televisions, discount viagra playing the beautiful game and representing their clubs, no rx and often countries. These are the men that every little boy who harbours dreams of making it big as a footballer looks up to. It’s been debated and discussed in the press on countless occasions, that these men with their six-figure weekly salaries act as if they are untouchable when it comes to how they conduct their personal affairs.

What I struggle to get my head around is how with all their fame, media attention, sponsorship deals and press coverage they actually undertake these sordid affairs thinking it will go unnoticed. Or is the point that they just actually don’t care? Remove the ‘footballer’ job description from the equation and these men are simply just that – men – with wives / partners and in some cases young families. The sad thing is that the WAGs are often persecuted by the media for almost allowing their husbands to act as they please on the basis that without them, they are nothing.

I feel for Mrs Rooney, at 24 she is a young mum, married barely a couple of years, already living her life in the eyes of the media and now she has to face the world knowing that they next moves in her marriage will be played out on the worlds biggest media stage. You can argue that she knew what she signed up too when she married the England and Manchester United player, but does that make it any easier on the young mum? Successful in her own right, as she builds her own brand, I hope she makes the right decision for her and her baby son- whether that’s kicking her husband to the kerb and doing a ‘Cheryl’ by showing the world that there is life after a cheating footballer, or whether it’s standing by her man and doing all she can to retain her family unit.

As much as I grump and groan about the amount of time Superdaddy devotes to the coaching of a boys football team, and scouting for a pro-youth club, I’m glad he chooses to stand on the sidelines, and I’m glad he chose University and staying in Edinburgh over pursuing some kind of footballing career with Berwick Rangers…it might not be as glam, and it certainly doesn’t command a six-figure salary, but it’s honest and it’s genuine and it doesn’t offer the temptations that so clearly trap many a footballer….and I’m quite sure Ethel who runs the teams tea stand on a Saturday morning wouldn’t have it in her even if my hubby was so tempted!

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