The worst part of parenting.

This is the worst part of parenting. The part where despite being overwhelmed with urge and desire to make it all better, here you are left feeling helpless and frustrated.

Today we have a poorly little monster. His monstrous bounce is much less bouncy. His mischievous grin is more of a grimace. His ravenous appetite has been replaced by food apathy. Cuddles are the order of the day. Duvets on the sofa. Cartoons on the television. A plastic telescope free with an overpriced colourful magazine. And a bucketful of hot water and disinfectant to hand to mop up the sick.

We’re onto a second antibiotic to try to rid this chest infection. The one we’ve been using for the last week may actually have been making him sicker. Why didn’t I associate the sickness last Thursday with the first dose of the antibiotic? Instead I put it down to ice-cream and jelly treats and running amok at Nanna and Granddads just before bed. Where was my mothers instinct then? Was my eye on my luxury weekend away with the girls? Why didn’t I register that the crackle in his chest wasn’t improving any? Was my head too full of my busy working week?

Being a parent is as testing and guilt inducing as it is rewarding and fulfilling, capsule and today I deserve to stink of puke.


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  1. Michelle Inglis says:


    There’s nothing worse than you telling yourself ‘I told you so’. There are very few occasions when we’ll get it just spot on because at the end of the day; we are only but humans. How many times have you been sent away from the doctors after worrying that it’s something just awful, only to be told ‘it’s a virus!’

    You are perfect lady and a wonderful mum so get in beside him and take advantage of the (rather stinky) extra cuddles. xxx

  2. Oh no no no no, you never deserve to stink of puke! It’s just an eternal balancing act and sometimes it’s actually impossible to keep all the balls in the air. Guilt smuilt, lovely Mummy. You enjoy the cuddles whilst you can get them, sit at peace with him and forget everything else if only just for today – he’ll be bouncy again before you know it X

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