Silly Talk

You know how some days your kids just say things that make you look at them and think where did that come from, tadalafil or they come out with little quips that make you chuckle?

I’m having one of those weeks and in the interests of not forgetting these gems, and perhaps giving you a chuckle too, here’s a snapshot of the funny things my children have said this week:

The Little MonsterAged 4 and 1/4

Mummy, Are you my step mother now Daddy has falled out with you? – upon overhearing Super Daddy and I having ‘words’.

I want to be a postman. Or a dog.

Mummy, you smell like cereal bars this morning – first words to me today upon wakening, so much for the odour free fake tan!

Can you take a picture of me colouring so I can show the world how good I am at it?

I’ll sell you this drawing of a Ninja Turtle for £12.50 if you pay up now.

Some people don’t have children. Maybe they’re allergic to them.

The Little PrincessAged 6 and 3/4

Mummy, you are so embarrassing when you sing like that. You think you’re cool. It’s a bit awkward actually. – upon me warbling along to Daft Punk and strutting some funky disco moves (ahem) in the car.

When I’m 13 I’m going to be a typical teenager and live on my phone and love clothes.

Upon telling her I thought she was hilarious – I am. I’m also hilarious at school. Fact.

What gems have your little ones shared with you this week? Do share!


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