My Week in Snaps

  • Little Monster Blue had a Birthday ….. Yay










  • Everything required for week two of potty training with an indecisive and on occassion unwilling participant











  • Scaling Ironing Mountain



  • Mental week at work meant lots of working from home 

fitted in around grabbed moments between

proper office time, viagra usa school run, generic viagra birthdays,

potty training (did I mention potty training?) 

ironing, cleaning, cooking and a little bit of sleeping.






  • That’s Saturday Night right there folks

Fancy a nosey at what everyone else got up to this week?

I wonder how many will feature wine?








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  1. Goodness! I’m surprised more working mothers aren’t alcoholics!! Just shows how much stronger we are 😉 Your list has given me a sneak peak into what my life might be like once I get back to work. YIKES! Good luck with the potty training! (and the ironing….etc.)

  2. Super Mummy says:

    Indeed! I have often been tempted to take a big slug from the bottle of white in the fridge door immediately upon walking through the door after work (I finish at 2.30 most days!)

    Not sure aboutyour ironing pile, but mine looks like this 100% of the time – no matter how much I iron…

    Thanks for dropping in x

  3. Oooh this made me nervous as I have my first job interview for 2 years this week and am trying not to think about how I’ll manage as a working super mum!

  4. Super Mummy says:

    Oh no! Don’t be nervous, it’s not every week we deal with potty training and birthdays on top of everything else, and this week has been a big work week too. Best of luck with the interview, once you get in to the groove, being a working mum is completely viable and do-able (enjoyable?!)

    Come back and let us know how the interview goes!

  5. Ok think I might keep my own week after reading this (that means yours is REALLY bad ;))

  6. Super Mummy says:

    Wowsers Kate, even with the wine? That made all the bad good again! The ironing was a humdinger though, and the work was pretty mental, oh, and we did have a poo in pants in the corner of the living room when potty training was taking a turn for the worse… Okay, yep, I hear you. Keep your own week and your massive pile of washing up!

  7. ooohhhhh – I forgot to put alcohol in my 5 photos……

    Nice blog BTW!

  8. Super Mummy says:

    Thanks! Wine is a regular feature in my week, restricted to Saturdays (okay, and Fridays after 5, and maybe a glass on a Sunday evening, but only to finish the bottle of course…)

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