Happy Thankyouful Day

I talked to the kids this morning about Thanksgiving, viagra prompted by a few things. My new boss is American, buy cialis so there’s a bit of a vibe in the workplace today though I’m sure he’d much rather be with his family watching American Football and eating turkey, sweet potato with marshmallows and pumpkin pie. But also we’re trying as a family to be more appreciative and grateful for the things we have.

Some time ago, we added a new element to the bedtime routine, and tucking in was accompanied by renditions of ‘three things I’m thankful for today’. It took while to get into the groove, with the Little Monster only being thankful for the things he saw as treats in the day – chocolate buttons after dinner, watching an episode of Scaredy Squirrel on Pop and getting to play on Mummys’ phone. But I encouraged him to share these thoughts, the practice being more important than the actual list. The Princess, like me, loves a list, so this was any easy ask for her to embrace. Similarly, her initial things to be thankful for were of the same ilk – cupcakes, watching movies, getting new toys. Yet over time, without really noticing, they’ve developed a broader thought process about the things that we have to be thankful for. Small, but beautiful things – enjoying a sunny walk to after school club, playing on the swing in the garden, having dinner as a family, getting to go to school, getting the last yoghurt at breakfast club, getting to sit in the front of the car with Mummy and turn the radio up loud, being able to sing, having strong arms to use to cuddle mummy and daddy, being able to help a friend with a tricky maths problem, staging (not winning!) a dance contest in the kitchen, crunching through crisp autumn leaves, stories at bedtime, soft toys to snuggle in to. Now I find we can’t stop at just three things.

The kids listened intently as I told them about the traditions many families in the US will be enjoying today. They were interested, and thoughtful about it, but the Monster summed it up beautifully when he said “So just like we do everyday Mummy but without the turkey and the football? Happy Thankyouful Day!”

Happy Thankyouful Day to you all!


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