Yesterday I caught up with a friend who I haven’t seen for nearly five years. We worked together nearly five years before that and spent many a Friday evening drinking wine, seek eating nachos and texting our husbands to say we’d missed the train home.

Geography got in the way of our regular catch ups as she moved off to Dubai and then back to her home, viagra canada Australia (with her Scottish husband in tow).

Yesterday we met one another’s children for the first time.

We ate lunch. She washed the dishes in my kitchen, picked raisins up off the floor.

We moaned to one another about the things friends moan to one another about.

She borrowed a cardigan of mine.

We went shopping for tights.

We stopped for coffee.

We did school pick up and we sat in the garden.

We did as true friends do.

We picked up as if it were yesterday.

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  1. These are the best friendships. Where you don’t need to explain or excuse. Sounds like a lovely day x

  2. gemgemmum says:

    That’s lovely. I have a friend from uni like that. Our girls are both 2 and not met yet! Missing her after reading this, away to send an email!

  3. Super Mummy says:

    I agree Bex, we had a lovely day, which flew past of course, but culminated in lots of back and forth texting over the course of the evening too! X

  4. Super Mummy says:

    Aw, I hope you’ve emailed her now and have plans to introduce your babies before they are teens! It’s so difficult though, as life is busy and fitting everyone in is hard. X

  5. Sounds perfect, hope all of the children got to meet each other too as you’d hoped x

  6. Super Mummy says:

    They did Caroline, without any cheeky ‘keeping off school!’

    T’was lovely.


  7. Sounds like the mark of a true friend. The ones you can pick up with like it was yesterday. I only see my best friend a few times a year but it makes no difference to our conversations. You’re so right, it’s how you can tell a true friend.

  8. Aww these are the best friends. x

  9. Super Mummy says:

    You’re right Molly – it’s an easy kind of friendship that doesn’t always need to be about filling one another in on whats happened in the months and months since you last saw one another.

  10. Super Mummy says:

    They are Susan, and it heartens me that so many of us have friends like these. x

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