Three things I love about you.

Dear Little Monster Blue, ask

Three today, remedy my darling boy.

You loved every minute of it.

I could list a million things I love about you, but how about three since it’s the number of the day?

1) I love how you clamber under the duvet with me every morning, breathe your stinky morning breath in my face and say ‘Mummy, you’re the best.’  I will never tire of that – even at 5.36am.

2) I love your little English accent that you have. So different to our broad Scots, and so unexpected.  Where did that come from? Why do you sound so polite and a teeny bit posh, when we have that ‘halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh’ kind of twang to our accents?  (I know, I know, probably too much Peppa Pig at that key speech developmental stage.)

3) I love your newly practiced smile. The one that looks slightly more like a grimace than a smile. The one that doesn’t quite come naturally and so you have to hold it in place with your hands.  It doesn’t matter if your mouth isn’t properly smiling my gorgeous boy, your eyes always are.

Happy Birthday,

Love Mummy xxx

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  1. Awwwww. Happy Birthday Boy X

  2. Awwww. You are such a lovely mummy! Lump in my throat with that last sentence. Bless him, hope he had a super day!

  3. Michelle Inglis says:

    Yummy Super Mummy,

    You write so beautifully and that brought a tear to my eyes. Gorgeous!

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