Do Something Yummy

This is the final week of writing prompts for the Do Something Yummy campaign supported and championed by Nickie and many other wonderful bloggers who have posted over the last 4 weeks to raise awareness of the CLIC Sargent Yummy Mummy Week 10 – 18 March. This weeks prompt is Survival.  All of the posts already linked up make for emotional reading, malady and not feeling qualified to add to such quality writing, I’ve opted to show my support for the campaign by posting nothing more than this drawing.


This is a five year olds perception of survival. The little fella you see in the picture is stranded on a desert island with just a solitary palm tree.  She’s helpfully highlighted the coconuts on the tree on the basis that simply – he needs food to survive.  As an addition, she tells me, the X you see on the sand is where a treasure box filled with food can be found.

The innocence in her interpretation is not lost on me, and I find it incredibily moving.

Please take time to visit the Yummy Mummy Week site and request your pack for a fundraising event.

You can read my other contributions to Do Something Yummy here: –

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  1. Really really intuitive of her and it’s such a great drawing (much better than I could do and you can tell her that!!)

    Thank you for posting this and linking up for the final week of the #dosomethingyummy prompts and helping to raise awareness.

  2. Super Mummy says:

    Thanks Nickie, I’ll pass that on – she’s very proud of her drawings that one! Once again delighted to help raise awareness of the campaign. Now just down to the important matter of raising the money in Yummy Mummy Week. Hoping people will give generously. Well done you on being the power behind having so many bloggers linking up to raise awareness.

  3. Absolutely simple and beautiful, thankyou so much for supporting #dosomethingyummy

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