Dear little fish

Dear Little Princess Pink, find

It’s been a while since I called you that. One, healing because you’re not quite as little as you used to be and take every opportunity to remind me that you’ll probably be taller than me by the time you are ten, and well, ‘princess’ on its own just seems quite fitting these days. For lots of reasons, but thats for another time. However today, a new name sprung to mind.

Little fish.

Today was week two of your first ever set of swimming lessons – level one. Lucie is on level five, you keep reminding me. You’ll be on level five one day, I tell you back. Yes, you’re six, and I know we should have started you with swimming lessons a long time ago. In fact, we gave up French at the end of primary one to replace that extra curricular activity with swimming, because I figured that speaking French would never save your life.

Today you gave me strict instructions that I hadn’t to look at my phone. I’d only to look at you. For the full thirty minutes. Well, frankly, who would want to look elsewhere? Yes, the lady who teaches level two is rather eccentric and some of her methods make me chuckle in a very positive way, so she could be an easy distraction, but no, my eyes were firmly on you.

You jumped in the water with such gusto. Look at me! Splash! The smile on your face bigger than that of Smiley Shark and we know how big that is. You were straight in there for the warm up game, ring-a-ring-a-roses aqua style.

I then watched open mouthed as you pushed yourself off the side, a surge of water in your wake causing your classmates to gurgle, and then with steely determination you sliced through the water in an impressive and quite individual take on ‘back stroke’. It seems you are quite at one with the pool. So much so you were moved straight up to level two before you could say Tom Daly.

And that gave both of us very good reason to smile indeed.

Mummy x

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