Celebrating Successes!

You know how you have some days that are just out and out successes? Well, cialis sale this day goes down as one of those.

Today, cialis canada I’ve successfully managed to forget it was ‘bring in a baby photo’ for show and tell at preschool which resulted in one very sad boy at drop off this morning. Being *ahem* the supermummy that I strive to be, I quickly set about recovering the situation by running back to the car to obtain the baby photo that I was certain would be in my purse. I successfully managed to feel like the worlds worst mother when I discovered no baby photos of the little monster, but three of his sister.

In spectacular style, I then successfully managed in some freak ‘couldn’t do it again if I tried’ type incident, to stab myself in my own face with my car keys leaving a rather red raw lump on my lip. Braw.

My upward trajectory continued as I then successfully flashed the gas man my backside as I bent down in a very unladylike fashion to open the garage door. Not to worry too much though as I then topped that off with successfully managing to pass him a pack of sanitary towels and a toilet roll to hold whilst I showed him where the hot water tank was.

I was successfully beaten at Pictureka by an over enthusiastic 7 year old, and I successfully managed to cry as soon as Super Daddy asked me how my day was.

So now I’m off to successfully find the bottom of this bottle of wine that’s been winking at me since 6 o’clock!


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