All the small things

There’s something small working its way around the blogosphere. Small but mighty. It started with this post over at Is there a Plan B? and then Scribbling Mum who’d quite simply had a week of it, purchase joined in too with her small stuff. Her invite to me to join in couldn’t have landed at a better time.

It’s the small stuff that’s the big deal really isn’t it. Stuff like this:-

  • The glug-glug sound of wine pouring from the bottle. The smell of a summer barbecue. The sounds of laughter and chattering that come from other peoples gardens in summer.
  • The sun being up with us at six in the morning. There’s something about staring out of my kitchen window on bright early mornings that makes me feel that I’m the only one awake in the world.
  • The joy of wrapping gifts in tissue paper and ribbon and admiring their simple yet deliciously delightful prettiness.
  • Waiting for my girl at the school gates and watching her excitedly burst out of the door like a ball out of a cannon eager to tell me all about her day. Listening to her babble about the small stuff that made her day pretty big. Watching her contended little face in the rear view mirror as we drive home.
  • The anticipation of starting a new book.  The thought of the new book waiting on my bedside table in all it’s hard-backed colourful glory, tadalafil waiting to have its words spilled and consumed by an eager reader is as equally delightful as the actual reading of the book.
  • Sitting at a breakfast bar and being served warm croissants stuffed with melted smoked cheese and a mug of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Writing soppy things in the sand. Making sandcastles. Collecting sea shells in tin buckets.

  • Wakening on a weekend to hear my girl and my boy playing at ‘holidays’ or ‘cafes’ or ‘houses’ or a mixture of all three. Listening to their made up foreign language. Seeing them getting along.
  • Getting into a freshly washed and made bed and tucking the covers under my feet so nothing can grab them in the night. Sleeping on my husbands side when he’s away. Singing ‘there was four in the bed’ when the little people clamber under the duvet in the morning.
  • A nice hand-cream.
  • Hearing my girl confidently read aloud from her favourite books. Reading stories about farms to my boy. Teaching my husband new words like vociferous, reciprocal and glamping.
  • Picking at heavily laden plates of olives, houmous, pitta chips, cold cuts and pickles.
  • Crunching through the leaves on an Autumn walk.
  • Text messages that start with ‘You just popped into my mind..’
  • A good baby names discussion. What are your babies called? What would you call a girl /boy if you had another? Did you hear what so and so called their baby? What would you have named you baby if you had to name them today? Do you regret your baby names choices? When you were growing up, what names had you chosen for a girl baby and a boy baby? What do you think of Rudi / Charlie / Mason / James / Pocahontas?
  • The childrens handmade cards decorated with glitter, feathers and buttons. Smudgy handprints on the kitchen door. Snoring children.
  • Cherry blossom on the tree in our garden. Pretending we can see pictures in the clouds.
  • Scones with jam and clotted cream. Tea parties. Spotty Teapots.
  • School nativity shows with loud (out of tune) singing angels.
  • Old perfume bottles. New perfume bottles. Being transported back to a moment in time upon the whiff of a certain smell.
  • Putting the world to rights at my kitchen table. With any willing participant.

Thats my small stuff, and when you add it altogether, it makes for pretty big things.

Whats your small stuff? Please do share, or indeed join in with your own blog post. It’ll make you feel good, I promise you that.


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  1. I’m a sucker for a nativity play too – nothing like it. Thanks for joining in too X

  2. Ooh! Some real goodys there: Snoring children! Genius! And scones and jam and cream. How could you not love them?

    But I’m sorry, you’re simply wrong on the croissants. Almond ones every time. Preferably with hot chocolate….

  3. Super Mummy says:

    And children talking in their sleep, that’s there too Harriet. I’ll give you hot chocolate, but almond crossiants? Yak!

    Thanks for starting the small stuff, and thanks for dropping by.

  4. Super Mummy says:

    Delighted to join in Caroline. Loads more have been popping into my head all weekend, and it’s been lovely.


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