Thorntons Christmas Hero

At last! We’ve opened the first doors on advent calendars, there neighbours windows are twinkling with the first hint of colourful Christmas tree lights (ours yet to be extracted from the attic despite much pleading) and we’ve adorned our family Christmas jumpers for the first time at our inaugural trip to Winter Wonderland in our beautiful capital city – I can finally talk Christmas without fearing I’ll peak too early.

And this Christmas I’m taking part in the Thorntons Christmas Hero competition. I know how blessed I am to be surrounded by such a wonderful family and amazing friends, and in my view, everyone I know is a Christmas Hero in their own way. Those who tirelessly devote their own time to helping out at local charities ensuring those children less fortunate than their own receive the same Christmas magic from Santa that every child should. Those who put their families ahead of themselves, working hard at two or more jobs to give those much coveted gifts that will make their children beam on Christmas morning. Those who despite illness, despite personal struggles give themselves to embracing all that Christmas is about and share love, peace and goodwill to all.

Like many families this Christmas family super and all in our extended family will be missing someone special. My husbands Gran, or Old Nana as the little princess and little monster called her, passed away this year after a short illness. Her quick witted charm, her overwhelming love for all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, her focus on family, her love of a cheeky tipple and a strawberry tart, and her favourite chocolate at Christmas (and all year round!) leaves a space in our hearts this Christmas that no one can fill. And for one other special person, this Christmas won’t be the same without Gran, our Aunt T. Aunt T and Gran were pretty inseparable, knowing one another better than anybody else. In the same way as mothers care unconditionally for their children, so too did Aunt T care for her mum without question. The details are irrelevant and actually difficult to write, and there are no words that can sum up how different Christmas will be this year for Aunt T, but there’s no doubt it will be one where old traditions are replaced by reflections, musings and memories of Christmases gone by where Gran brought sparkle just by her mere presence (never mind her incredibly rude and wicked humor!)

So, Aunt T, this year has been incredibly difficult, and your our Christmas Hero…even if you did blub like a big softie when we shared that news with you! Enjoy your Thorntons Chocolates, and have one for Gran, with a cheeky vodka and irn bru just as she would have of course!

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