Builders Mate

I’ve built so much Lego and Playmobil these last two weeks I’m thinking of applying for membership of the Association of the Chartered Institute of Building. My odds for entry are good. Don’t get me wrong, diagnosis in the main it’s been fun. Much more so when accompanied by a festive glass of red and a platter of cheese and biscuits.

As expected, it’s been hazardous at times, paper cuts from the instruction booklets, near cracked tooth from trying to separate two incorrectly joined pieces and the par for the course full flat heavy pressured step on that tiniest Lego block which menacingly managed to find its way from the ‘safe zone’ on the table into the middle of the floor ready to trap it’s unsuspecting victim.

Thankfully the building efforts have been varied or it all could have gotten a little tiresome. Between the four of us we’ve managed vast quantities of construction, ranging from the rather amazing but complicated Lego dolphin cruiser to small and easy if you know how Iron Man vs The Mandarin – The Ultimate Showdown (even if I’d no idea what the end result was supposed to be, the little monster was happy with it). The Playmobil zoo took over two hours to build and there was much wailing and crying (mine) when I realised I’d built a whole section upside down and back to front, and again when it became clear the meerkat enclosure would take a further half hour to build and I’d no wine left (yep, still mine), and even more when I wasn’t even allowed the first play with the finished article.

Throw in Heartlake High School, Horse trailer, some Ninja Turtles kit and caboodle which even had pizza made from Lego and we had a pretty impressive display on our dining table for a while. Then came New Years Day and we had eleven to seat for a steak pie lunch so it was all promptly dispensed into the storage boxes hurriedly bought on Christmas Eve when we questioned where on earth we were going to put it all. Good job we got that garage conversion last year. If only I’d realised my building talents back then during those works. I could have given those tradesmen a run for their money. I wonder if they need any apprentices? I’m their woman!


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