Was that Marge Simpson tied to the front of a Bin Lorry?

The roar of the bin lorry on Friday morning sent me into the usual panic. Had Super Daddy remembered to put the bin out? Had Super Daddy remembered to put the right colour of bin out? Was I going to have to run into the street again in my PJ’s with a towel round my hair to ensure that it was the grey bin full of smelly nappies that got emptied?

A quick look out of the window confirmed that yes, try Super Daddy had remembered to put the bin out, search and yes, it was the grey one.   Phew. It also drew my attention to the bigger than average sized inflatable Marge Simpson tied to the front of the bin lorry. Ok, so that’s not something you see every day. But it made me smile, and it got me thinking as to who from the world of childrens TV I would like to see tied to the front of a bin lorry.

Peppa Pig. Now there is one little annoying pink porky who could do with a whizz along a motorway stuck to the front of a bin lorry. It’s not the theme tune, its not the snorting, it’s not the amount of times we watch it in one day. It’s that really irritating spoiled brat like behaviour that fills every episode.  And rubs off onto my 4 year old. Grrrrr. Peppa puts me off bacon rolls and that’s saying something.

Special Agent Oso. Okay, he may be a Unique Stuffed Bear, and his exploits are akin to the greatest James Bond adventures, but his overuse of the ‘It’s all part of the plan’ phrase irks me somewhat. As do Paw Pilots’ renditions of James Bond theme tune knock-offs. She can go with him on the bin lorry.

The four CBeebies presenters.  Not for their cheesy gags, not for their abysmal dress sense, not even for their poor Blue Peter skills. Solely for those ‘seasonal’ song and dance routines that they do….Noooooooo. Make it stop.

Mr Lopart from Handy Manny. Bless him. He’s just a bit wet.

Any one of the Zingzillas. And that is because of the annoying theme tune. And because they make Little Princess Pink and Little Monster Blue bring the keyboard and the drum kit into the livingroom so they can feature in their very own ‘Big Zing.’ Cute. For 5 minutes.

Scooby Doo. He may be a legend. But his shows scare me.

Homer Simpson. If only to keep Marge company.

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