I lost my blogging groove

The kids being poorly was all it took for me to lose my blogging groove. There I was starting to get into a nice swing of posting three sometimes four times weekly, see with a good mix of the usual ‘Life of Family Super’ stories, reviews of family days out in my new series and participation in my favourite linkys. People wanted to collaborate with me, I had competition prizes to give away, guest posts to publish, Science Festivals to blog about. My Twitter followers were on the up, all organic growth, people who seemed to genuinely want to follow me on the basis of those 140 characters that tell Tweeps who I am and what I’m all about. I had ideas and banks of posts stored between my Notes app, my WP app and somewhere in the reservoir of memory between buying milk and remortgaging the house.

But then the little monster took unwell, nothing majorly serious, thankfully but a trip to out of hours doctors following some midnight hallucinations (which I’m sure will be funny at some point, but just not quite yet) and I just lost interest. Mother Lioness had instinctively kicked in of course, and my time and attentions were being spent on nursing the little guy back to his usual monstrous self. Sitting on a sofa for 10 hours on the trot with a burning hot little person who doesn’t want to let you out of their sight can make you think a lot. A lot. Dipping in and out of twitter on my iPhone when on nap breaks and when my right hand was free from the clutches of his tiny sweaty palms, I could see a hive of activity from fellow bloggers who were writing funny, entertaining, thought provoking reads and it made me feel a bit sh*t.

I set out on this blogging journey because I love to write. I love my family, and by combining the two I could write and keep a log of ‘the things that them two do’ in the process.

But then people wanted to collaborate with me, I had competition prizes to give away, guest posts to publish and Science festivals to blog about. The banks of posts were building up (but never quite making it to the blog) Twitter followers were increasing (with it the pressure to engage more, be funnier, wittier. Be liked (?) And then the little man got ill. And I had time to reflect, to ponder, to think. Why do I do it? Who do I do it for? Am I getting what I want from it? Am I any good? Why don’t PRs send me products? Whats my rating this week? Do any of these things matter?

So Sunday came. I wrote ‘On holiday for a week. See you soon’ on a piece of paper and posted that as my Silent Sunday blog post. I could have easily written ‘Having a hiatus. This isn’t the important stuff.’ but I knew somewhere that my blogging groove would ‘get in’ again soon. It keeps me sane in our mad busy world. It distracts me from washing the kitchen floor or sorting out the new mortgage. But most of all, it’s mine. Whether two, two hundred or two thousand people want to read what I have to say, it’s neither here nor there. And who needs a free travel bum wiping snot clearing machine to review anyway when ‘Family Super’ can have our own damn fun inventing one?!

Are you a blogger who lost their groove? Did your blogging mojo go AWOL? How did you get it back?

The 2012 MADS Blog Awards

One of my biggest achievements (raising children and drinking from a bottle held tight in my cleavage aside) is winning the West Lothian Young Writer of the Year competition when I was eight. My poem about pollution won me the much coveted winners shield and got me my photo in the local paper.

If you looked closely at the photo you could see I was holding the shield that should have belonged to ‘Derek Purvis Runner Up’ and he was beaming from ear to ear beside me with my shiny winners shield in his hands.

Since then, view I’ve never been as bold as to call myself a writer. I tried the word ‘writer’ out for size when I was talking to one of the mums in the school playground when we were discussing things we do outwith the 9-5 and I am quite certain a large flashing neon arrow appeared pointing at my mouth exclaiming loudly “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”

Blogger feels safer. And I am firmly in the camp that as a blogger, I AM a writer.

So in celebration of being a writer, I’m boldly putting myself out there for a nomination in the 2012 MAD Blog Awards and hoping some people might just feel compelled to nominate me for Best MAD  Family Life Blog award and /or Best MAD Blog Writer.

The gorgeously colourful MADS AWARDS 2012 badge that you see over there on the right will take you where you need to go should you think Super Mummy merits a mention.

I’d be awfully pleased if you did.

I might even dig out the incriminating photo and post the cringe-worthy photo of my eight year old self (and Derek) here.

And so it began…

It was 1986, healing Primary 5 at St. Anthonys Primary school and Miss Glen was my teacher. Or Concorde as we called her.  Poor woman did have a rather unfortunate hook of a nose. She called me to the front of the class and asked me to explain to her and everyone else what the word ‘array’ meant.  It wasn’t that she didn’t know.  She just didn’t believe that at the age of 8 I had genuinely tapped into the creative side of my brain to describe a rainbow as an ‘array of colours across the sky’ in my  poem about pollution for my competition entry to be the West Lothian Young Writer of the Year. Pah!

I showed her, and bagged that title.

Twenty something years on, and I still love to write.  I have 7 chapters of a novel sitting on an old laptop that I vow to return to one day.  For now though, this blog – about the thrills and spills and ups and downs of being a mum, and a working one at that – will satisfy my need to write in a similar way to the strange satisfaction that comes from pushing your tongue against a wobbly tooth.

I do hope you enjoy.

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