Love is …

Today I won a competition ran by this fabulous fellow mummy blogger over on her blog.

The prize? A book, try called ‘The 52 Seductions’ by Betty Herbert.

How perfect is this for Valentines Day?

Super Daddy doesn’t ‘do’ books (quote Best Man #1 in speech on our wedding day about said husband,  ‘Not much of a reader,  would rather wait until a book is made into a film. Reading wise, menus and road signs are about as far as he gets’) so I’m not suggesting the book is for him to read, if you see where I’m going with this (cue quote from Best Man #2 in speech on our wedding day about the parties we throw (no, not those kind) ‘The karaoke machine always comes out, but here’s a tip for you Julie-Ann, next time you try to seduce Simon up to bed for an early night, make sure the microphone is switched off first’.)

Oh and must stress, this type of hilarity was pre-children, remember those days? Anyway, I digress.

I’m thinking my reading of this book and deploying of some of its seduction strategies will be a welcome Valentines gift for husband, and a stark contrast from some of the previous Valentines tat I’ve bestowed on him over the years. Giant cuddly teddy bear wearing black silk boxer shorts covered in red love hearts holding a balloon emblazoned with I Love You anyone?  This was circa 1998 I should add.

Valentines gifts from Super Daddy have improved immensely over the years.  A particular favourite was the year of the mini hot water bottle with its own mini mohair love heart patterned jacket. This was a massive improvement on the previous years of erm, nothing. Unless you count the card. The best years were when his office was based round the corner from a lovely wee shop which sold hand-crafted cards, tastefully designed with humorous but very sweet messages in lovely, gentle typeface, not the SCREAMING OUT THAT I LOVE YOU kind.

Last year was a stand-out year all round, a gorgeous card from said shop, and a very thoughtful and much loved iPod shuffle with all my favourite songs on it.  A modern day mix-tape if you will ala Chandler, Monica and Janice. Wrapped lovingly in tissue and placed sweetly in a dainty red gift bag. Handed over with a freshly brewed cup of tea and a cream cheese bagel and the words ‘I hope you like this, I’m thinking it might be good for when you’re at the gym. It might encourage you to go more.’

Isn’t that love?

So this year, my Valentines gift to him will be all that I learn from Betty.

Isn’t that love?!

I do…wait, do I?

Apparently my eldest is now betrothed. The lucky five year old goes by the name of Ryan and they’ve shared register monitor and milk monitor duties in class over recent weeks. He walked her to the medical room the other day when she felt sick and waited outside until he knew she was okay. It’s all rather sweet. I am however concerned that over the last few years she has also had her heart set on marrying other boys, generic viagra her first love, Fraser, then rivalled by Callum who declared his love for her at her fifth birthday party in an emotional public display of affection, as he stood up in the middle of the magic show and told all the others that he was he boyfriend. She frequently says she’ll marry her brother and of course, number one choice, her Daddy.

We’ve already got a stack of content for the Father of the Bride speech and expect to add to that repository extensively in coming years.  Not least with snippets from the conversation we had about marriage this week when she announced over spaghetti hoops and toast that she was going to marry Ryan.

Me – Why Ryan?

Little Princess Pink – He’s a bit taller than me.

Me – Is that a good reason to get married to someone?

Little Princess Pink – Yeah, and he shares his crisps with me at playtime.

Me – Do you think that’s why you should marry him?

Little Princess Pink – Nooooooooo (said with ‘duh, mummy’ attitude) You marry people so that you can be with them all the time.

Me – Of course, that’s why I married Daddy. And weddings are lovely.

Little Princess Pink – Yeah, you get to stay up late.

Me – And wear a wedding dress

Little Princess Pink – I know. It’s so you feel like a princess.  But it’s probably a little bit itchy. AND you get a big wedding cake which looks like big towers, there’s one big one, then a middle sized and a small, then a wedding girl and a wedding man on top.

Me – But the best bit is marrying your one true love isn’t it.

Little Princess Pink – Hmm. (Pause) Can you marry two boys ever?

Me – Well, that defeats the purpose.

Little Princess Pink – I think I might not marry Ryan.  Jake has cooler hair.

Something tells me with this one, we’ll need to buy wedding insurance just in case!

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